Introducing the impressive 1200 Festival Compact Food Truck System!..

Boasting Trailblazers impressive 600BPH (Burgers Per Hour) grilling power, along with 100 litres of fully insulated ‘hold hot’ storage and a tailorable appliance recess area, this 1200 system is configured to be the ultimate, highly compact and profitable food truck trailer!

Commercial bbq, Towable grill

“From a price point of view there’s nothing better than being able to serve chips. You just bring your bags of chips and throw them in the fryer as you need them. It’s as easy as that. Simply cook what you need, as you need it, leaving absolutely no wastage.” Pat Brady 

Read Pats Success Story with Trailblazer BBQ here

Tailored appliance area 

This 1200 system comes as one part grill and one part appliance recess area that can be tailored specifically to suit your business requirements. The appliance recess area as pictured has been fitted with a portable, high performance double tank gas fryer and stainless steel work area.

chip tailer, fryer units

Hot holding cupboard

Two built in hot plates have been fitted, offering a whooping 100lt capacity of fully insulated ‘hot holding’ that can easily accommodate 4 full size gastronorm trays, giving the ability to offer more variety than ever…..

Let customers wave goodbye to frustrating queues by keeping food ready and waiting at precisely the correct temperature throughout a busy event!

commercial BBQ, chip van

No need for hot storage? Alike the appliance recess area we can tailer this feature to suit your requirements. Why not opt for refrigeration instead!

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Prep & Store conversion Kit

commercial BBQ, BBQ trailer

Effortlessly convert your 1200 Festival from a dual grill to a 600BPH grill and a full 4 station food preparation and cold storage work area in a matter of minutes.

This accessory takes no longer than 15 minutes to instal and can be converted back to a dual grill at any time. Chop & change from event to event!

* Compatible with both the 1200 Festival & 600s Grillmaster *

Coffeemaster Combo

Stepping away from our core speciality of charcoal grilling, we can now build your next coffee unit. Just the way you need it!

Coffee Trailer - Mobile coffee shop

Ranging from a simple conversion kit to the fully loaded, high performing and highly profitable Coffeemaster 400 – The Worlds most compact, fully autonomous mobile coffee trailer!