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A range of helpful articles focusing on different tips and tricks to help ensure high profits are achieved within your mobile catering business.

5 Street Food Trends of 2021

Profitable, Portable & Popular, there are many reasons for caterers to love the UK street food scene. An industry that has been continually growing since the mid-2000s. Rewind back to 08, when the Great Recession saw unemployment rise to its highest level since 1994. This recession helped spur on the success of street food trends as many highly trained, talented chefs were forced out of traditional restaurant jobs. Leaving them to take their culinary skills on tour in an innovative manner as they hit the roadsides with their food inventions. Fast-forward to 2020 – With Coronavirus forcing the UK into the first recession since 2008, experts predict street food trends & alfresco dining to soar throughout 2021. After all, it is seen to be the safest way of eating [...]

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How to Profit in The Food Truck & Street Food Sector

As street food trends continue to peak throughout the UK, research shows that foodies are now prepared to put their money where their mouth is (literally) in order to feed their growing desire for artisan foods. It's no surprise to see a promising growth in mobile catering and food truck start ups! Although this industry offers affordable entry, flexibility and mobility, many mobile traders go out of business within the first year due to a lack of planning, research and dedication. Trailblazer BBQ have highlighted some do’s and don'ts to take into consideration when starting a food truck or mobile catering business to help ensure you reach success. There are many reasons why mobile catering is such an appealing industry to enter for entrepreneurs. Firstly, who doesn’t [...]

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Mobile Catering Profiting Tips Through Processes and Procedures

As with any business, the success and survival of your mobile catering business relies heavily through maximising profitability! We're going to help you do that. Therefore, throughout previous articles we have focused on mobile catering profiting tips. Such as, how to maximise profits when starting a mobile catering business, that marketing matters and the importance of selecting popular menu choices. This time we take a look at the importance of having processes & procedures in place to improve efficiency. Leading to higher mobile catering profits & happier customers! THINK: What happens when you've done the hard part in attracting customers to your business and created hype but have no structure or system in place to deal with the positive spike in demand? REMEMBER: A customer is prepared to stand in line waiting [...]

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Street food branding & mobile catering marketing tips

In 2019, the UK street food industry has taken over the food sector and is now valued at £1.2bn and continues to provide many profiting opportunities for ambitious, hard working street food traders. However, in order to Trailblaze your way to success you must stand out from the competition, expose your brand and offerings to a wide range of potential customers. Are you successfully marketing your food truck business online? Of course it's no secret that great tasting food served with a friendly smile is a vital factor for success in the food truck & catering industry. However, if no one knows where, when or what you are selling then what's the point? According to 'The Food People' people searching the internet for good food using their mobile or tablet have [...]

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Location Catering and Event Targeting with Trailblazer BBQ

Interested in starting an outside catering business or toying with the idea of adding a mobile catering division or even moving away from your static business and going mobile? With over 2.6bn people consuming street food daily, a 2.3% increase in quick service food stations and food purchases topping consumer spend throughout UK festivals at 35% it's no shock to see the outside mobile catering industry grow in popularity and consumer demand. However before you jump the gun and start profiting on this rewarding industry, ask yourself... 'Where am I going to cater?' Location, Location, Location  Location catering & event targeting is an important aspect within your planning stages. It’s vital to get your positioning right for viability, visibility, footfall and the right customer. So whether you’re an experienced mobile caterer [...]

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