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The Science Of Grilling – Cooking Craft Meets Science

Great BBQ grilling is indistinguishable from magic. You can read recipes, watch great chefs in action, talk to experienced cooks, practice relentlessly. But you can never quite achieve perfection. Which is a good thing as constant learning and practice is both pleasurable and delicious fun. Grilling engages all the senses: Smell: Grilled food smells delicious, including the charcoal wood smoke. Sight: Grill marks and a good ‘char’ makes grilled food look great. Sound: Don’t you just love the sound of sizzling meat? Touch: Who doesn’t love crispy skin and juicy succulent cuts? Taste: The taste of grilled food is unique and delicious. Chefs & grillmasters will tell you that grilling is an art or a craft, but in fact it's mostly science. But did you ever want to know [...]

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