We are proud to announce that Trailblazer BBQ are now resellers of the superb Bradley Smoker range in the UK and Ireland.

This is a great complementary unit to any of our barbeques – it’s simple, reliable, repeatable, efficient, controllable and easy to operate. Another high quality machine.

Bradley Smokers can operate unattended for up to nine hours. Digital smokers can be programmed at three levels: smoking time, cooking time and target temperature.


Electrically Powered: European models are mains powered at 240 Volts.

No Assembly: A minute out of the box and you are ready to smoke!

Easy Cleaning: Wire racks and baffle can go into the dishwasher.

Guaranteed: Fully Certified and Warrantied by the manufacturer. CE Approved.

Trusted: Bradley have been making food smokers for over twenty years

Understood: A global community of Bradley Smoker users.

The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house, sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator, in which flavour bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate. This eliminates high temperature gases, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked food.

Bradley Smokers makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. While other smokers need to be tended constantly, the Bradley Smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to 9 hours safely and without intervention.

As with the Original model, Bradley Digital Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking: in fact they do a remarkably fine job of cold smoking due to the sustained and controllable way in which the smoke is generated. For cold smoking use of the Cold Smoke Adaptor is recommended.

Perfect for entertaining, creating gourmet foods in your own home, or just enjoying the flavour that smoking brings. The simplicity and ease of use of Bradley Digital Smokers make them a great choice for all types of user.

While Bradley Smokers are intended for domestic use, they are also widely used in light commercial environments.

Find out why Bradley Smokers are the first choice for those who seek perfection in food smoking.