Having delivered our UK-designed and built Trailblazer BBQs worldwide, including the US, Lebanon, Lapland, and ski slopes of Bulgaria, we are thrilled to have now added Ghana to the ever-growing list.

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William, owner of Yesarko is trailblazing the BBQ scene throughout Ghana, being the very first with a Trailblazer BBQ in the African continent.

trailblazer in Ghana

Owning a pig farm in Ghana, William soon realised that the real profit was being made by the middleman who was taking his produce and selling it for consumption to the end-user. Deciding to add an outdoor catering division to Yesarko Farm, William knew he was on the right path after being pointed towards Trailblazer BBQ.

I started searching the internet to see how I could provide the full service and cut out the middleman. I found Steve of Elite Hog Roast Equipment and decided one of his roasters would be an excellent starting point for my outdoor catering business.

After contacting Steve, he encouraged me to attend one of his UK-based seminars. As I was living in London at the time, I was able to travel up to Lincolnshire. This was very powerful, and it gave me a great insight into his products and capabilities. Steve is a real expert in the hog roasting business. I have been able to learn so much from him and it’s great to be able to call him a friend.”

elite hog roast in Ghana

“Steve then told me about Trailblazer BBQ and that it would be a perfect fit for my business plans. I searched the Trailblazer website and when I saw a picture, I thought WOW, this is exactly what I need for my grilling business.

I studied the Trailblazer Success Stories and read how two guys from a farming background successfully added a Trailblazer to their business.”

This gave me great encouragement!

“There is nothing of its kind in Ghana so I knew from the start I would stand out with a Trailblazer. Most BBQs here are cut in half barrels that just look unhygienic and novice.

The feedback I am getting is very positive, I think there is a real market here for it. The first time I did the testing I invited a couple of middle-class corporate guys to see what they thought of my idea. They were blown away by how clean and professional the Trailblazer looked.”

showcasing Trailblazer brochure

Bringing the theatre and great BBQ aroma with me!

“The majority of catering businesses in Ghana cook off-site whereas a big selling point for me is being to come in with the Trailblazer & Elite Hog Roast and having the ability to cook everything fresh on site. Bringing the theatre and great BBQ aroma with me.

The plan is to start at small basic weddings then moving up to corporate events then planning to target the larger events, funerals, and political parties when Covid restrictions lift in a year or two. I hope to be coming back for a second Trailblazer sooner rather than later.

My plan is to spend time in Ghana establishing the outdoor catering business and get practices in place. Once proven with a managerial structure in place, I will focus on bringing a UK division to Yesarko.”

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