Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal (12KG Bags)

✔︎ Restaurant grade  ✔︎ Sustainably Sourced   ✔︎ No nasty chemicals
✔︎ Fast lighting ✔︎ Long, consisting burn   ✔︎ Authorised for smoke controlled areas

Trailblazer BBQ, Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal is quite simply revolutionary and outperforms any other restaurant grade lumpwood on the market.

This premium product is the result of 100% eucalyptus woods being burned with no oxygen present meaning there are no chemicals interfering with the flame. This allows it to light faster, burn hotter and leave almost no burnt residue making for clean replenishment.

Our Restaurant Grade lumpwood 12kg bags are lit & ready to cook within 10 – 15 minutes… FACT

UK & Ireland delivery available within 2 days & discounted rates for bulk purchase.

Want to buy in bulk to save more but have no storage? Buy a pallet at a time & we will store your stock for free for up to 3 months!

restaurant charcoal 12kg bags, premium lump wood charcoal

Why Choose Trailblazer Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal?


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Revolutionary! This charcoal alone has sved me 20% of our costs. We are lit and ready for cooking in approx. 10 minutes whereas before I was having to pay a staff member to light and man the BBQ an hour prior to any event. The Kitchen 

lumpwood charcoal quotation marks

It’s the only charcoal we now use. I use it as a unique selling point. Ten times better than anything I have ever used. Fast lighting, immense heat, great quality and leaves virtually no ashSizzle & BBQ

lumpwood charcoal quotation marks

Having used this charcoal on my home BBQ I have to say it’s absolutely outstanding, probably the best I’ve used. So easily lit and gives virtually no spar or spit – P Fary