Trailblazing Into The African Continent!

Having delivered our UK-designed and built Trailblazer BBQs worldwide, including the US, Lebanon, Lapland, and ski slopes of Bulgaria, we are thrilled to have now added Ghana to the ever-growing list. Made in the UK, Shipped worldwide William, owner of Yesarko is trailblazing the BBQ scene throughout Ghana, being the very first with a Trailblazer BBQ in the African continent. Owning a pig farm in Ghana, William soon realised that the real profit was being made by the middleman who was taking his produce and selling it for consumption to the end-user. Deciding to add an outdoor catering division to Yesarko Farm, William knew he was on the right path after being pointed towards Trailblazer BBQ. “I started searching the internet to see how I could provide the full [...]

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Down ‘The Hatch’ as Another Trailblazer Owner Celebrates Huge Success! 

We would like to wish the best  of luck to proud Trailblazer BBQ owners and accomplished, award winning artisan street food guys, The Hatch! These guys have had one heck of a year. From being crowned The Best Burger in Ulster, Highly commended winners of Street Food of the Year and finalists in the Food & Wedding Awards. After conquering Ulster’s Best Burger, they are now on the hot pursuit for even bigger things. Next on the award radar is ‘The Best Burger in Ireland’ as they will be ‘burgering’ it out this year with some of the top players in hopes for that gold-plated trophy! The Hatch and their talented chefs focus on cooking locally sourced produce on their Trailblazer BBQ and from what we hear, love smoking [...]

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My First Review of the Trailblazer Alfresco 120 Charcoal BBQ

Having been a member of the Trailblazer team for over a year now, I have had the pleasure of seeing and working within many areas of the company. From seeing the Trailblazer range being built from scratch, upgraded, sold, serviced, used and frequently receiving positive customer feedback it didn’t take me long to realise just how unrivalled and superior Trailblazer BBQ is in the marketplace. From day one I had always taken a shine to the Trailblazer range. However at the time, Trailblazer was very much a commercial range and therefore it wasn’t feasible to even think about owning my own Trailblazer BBQ. But then the Alfresco 120 was born! Equipped with revolutionary features similar to its bigger brothers, the Alfresco 120 is Trailblazer's first ever ‘prosumer’ product... and I [...]

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“The All-New Alfresco 120 turned what was a great night into a spectacular one!”

Targeted to be the ultimate BBQ/Grill for the home entertainer and BBQ enthusiast, we were keen to hear feedback and thoughts following a customers birthday party last weekend. ‘Mighty BBQ’, ‘Fantastic food’ 'Spectacular,'  and ‘a night to remember’ were just a few quotes from Paddy's friends and neighbours after a party where the Trailblazer Alfresco 120  'stole the show.'   Thrilled to hear how the Alfresco 120 exceeded Paddy's expectations and as being the first ever Alfresco 120 review, we thought it's only right to share his thoughts with you... 'I always knew Trailblazer was a great product but I can now say it's actually a magnificent one!' "We had a fabulous night, the Trailblazer Alfresco made entertaining over 50 people effortless.   You can see from the pics that the Trailblazers [...]

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Ireland’s Largest Outdoor Cinema Chooses Trailblazer BBQ

Retro Drive-In, featuring one of the world's biggest outdoor screens, had a blazing time hosting Ireland's largest outdoor drive-in cinema festival over St Patrick's weekend. Offering a cinema experience like no other, now thanks to their investment in a Trailblazer BBQ they can offer authentic charcoal grilling like no other to further enhance their customer’s experience. After speaking with Barry Clarke of Retro Drive In, it was great to hear the unique theatre of our 600s grillmaster proved to be "very popular, selling over 500 burgers throughout the movie showings!" Barry believes "Trailblazer BBQ will be a great success for the future of Retro Drive In"     There are many different industries and sectors that benefit from investing in a Trailblazer BBQ. Either as a core aspect of the business or simply as [...]

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Fire for hire, Dot’s Kart Doing A Roaring Trade

Even in Love NI Meat month it’s not just about the meat but how and where it’s cooked that gets the gastric juices going. With the tagline of ‘You book it, I cook it’ Pauline McGurk has those bases covered as well as many others with her Dot’s Kart mobile barbecue. The unique food service business hit the road last year with Pauline’s 30 years of catering experience driving the new venture. Since then she has moved through the gears having created her very own niche and is busy targeting and catering for the growing corporate and private markets. From builders to bishops and birthday parties, she attracts a wide clientele and, with the added advantage of mobility, is taking her services across the country. “Everybody loves a barbecue but [...]

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1,500 portions for 800 people in 2.5 hours

Last week we cooked for a corporate event… 1,500 portions for 800 people in just 2.5 hours on a Trailblazer 600s. Many happy customers and a great test for what this machine is capable of. Hope you enjoy our video of the event and our Trailblazer 600s in action!

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