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Trailblazer 350 Club BBQ

The Trailblazer 350 CLUB BBQ was added to the range as a response from the market for a smaller more compact unit that performs exactly like its big brothers. Beautifully styled and with a capacity of 350 BPH (burgers per hour) the 350 CLUB is and excellent option where the size and capacity of the 600s isn’t required.

The 350 CLUB is also available in a mobile version with high quality inflatable tyre castors where towing on the road isn’t required but where easy movement around your grounds is.

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Key Features of a 350 Club

Large Cooking Capacity

2 cooking bays

Huge Capacity

2 cooking bays for a wide variety of requirements from small groups to non-stop cooking to high volume, quick turnaround cooking.

Adjustable Grill

Easy heat control

Adjustable Grill

Simple, instant, and effortless. Infinitely adjustable grill tray to allow for varying temperature and easy access for fuelling and lighting.

Multiple Chefs

Double sided cooking

Multiple Chefs

Double sided cooking stations capable of having up to 4 people cooking at the same time using both sides.

Instant Clean Out

Scraper and ash box built in

Instant Clean Out

The innovative scraper blade system collects into the ash box for disposal when the ash has cooled down. No hassle, no dirty hands, no burnt fingers.

Easy Levelling

Level uneven surfaces

Easy Levelling

Keeping the Trailblazer level on uneven surfaces or mild slopes.

Iconic Gullwing Doors

Easy transportation

Iconic Gullwing Doors

Perfect for transportation; keeping everything safe inside – even hot charcoal while protecting the chefs against the sun or rain.

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Trailblazer Specifications

“After many years of judging BBQ competitions, Trailblazer’s 600s Grillmaster was simply the best piece of kit I have used in a professional judging arena. The amazing high standard produce that we have been judging at this important butchery skills event lend themselves to this great BBQ. The 600s Grillmaster is professionally made, easy to use and has many features that facilitate good cooking, with my favourite feature being the ability to raise and lower the grill and therefore adjust the heat source as and when necessary in the overall cooking process. Simply said, the Trailblazer 600s is a magnificent BBQ and its no wonder that Trailblazer is the market leader in this sector!”
Sean Owens, All Ireland BBQ Championships Judge (600s Grillmaster)

“Hi Lester, you wont believe me but both… Yes BOTH Trailblazers are paid for and we have been in profit since about 4 o’clock this afternoon. Both paid for in three & a half days is not bad at all. The two machines are superb!”

Andrew Gedge, Waters Edge Leisure (600s Grillmaster & 120 Mini)
“I am so busy with my Trailblazer, I need a holiday, 3 wedding bookings in two weeks and a 10000 people show next week. Best purchase ever !!! And a great family running trailblazer. I may have to call over and see your range again!”
Ed Cullen, Cullens Catering (600s Grillmaster)
“Have had a 600s now for a few weeks. Have catered for private lunches and public street fairs. Very well constructed trailer and very good after sales service. Warren always willing to give helpful advice and best practice to keep you on the right path.”
Conor McCann, Sizzle N Roll (600s Grillmaster)

Customer Case Studies

Catering success Stories, festival catering

Trailblazer Goes To The Movies

Trailblazer BBQ decided to catch up with ‘Retro Drive-In Movies‘ founder and proud Trailblazer owner Barry Clarke, to hear how Trailblazer has impacted his drive-in movie business.

Offering a cinema experience like no other! ‘Retro Drive-In Movies’ brings the biggest movies to the biggest outdoor LED screen, giving viewers the ability to watch from the comfort of their very own cars!

Starting as a crazy idea written on the back of a beer mat during a few sociable drinks, Retro Drive-In Movies has become Ireland’s fastest growing, movie-related day out.

Mobile catering, trailblazer bbq

Winning Women In The Catering Business

Being your own boss may not be for everyone, but with self-employment levels in the UK reaching record highs, there must be some rewarding benefits! To celebrate National Women’s Small Business month Trailblazer BBQ decided to catch up with a proud Trailblazer BBQ owner and successful businesswoman, Pauline McGurk. Pauline is one of many ‘Winning Women’ in the mobile catering business.

Catering success Stories, street food BBQ

New Trends Need New Innovation

Street food caterers can come in many shapes and forms whether it be food trucks, portable pizza ovens, chip vans or bespoke builds. However it is not surprising to hear that BBQ and charcoal grills will play a large part in the future of street food equipment!

Nothing compares to the Street food theatre and taste of succulent meats dripping over the hot bed of a Trailblazer charcoal grill, creating that nourished layer of authentic flavour.

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Buy Trailblazer BBQ Charcoal

Trailblazer BBQ now supply the world’s best restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal. Available for year-long delivery directly to your doorstep.

Our high grade screened South African restaurant grade charcoal is quite simply revolutionary and outperforms any other catering grade charcoal on the market.

  • Authorised for use in a smoke control areas
  • Made from a sustainable renewable source.
  • Leaves minimal ash residue allowing for effortless cleaning and replenishment
  • Less water content meaning little spark or spit
  • Purely eucalyptus wood meaning no unpleasant flames
  • Long, even and consistent burn

Available to purchase in FULL PALLET 40 bags or HALF PALLET 20 bags loads.  (SINGLE 12kg bags also available for collection).

Buy the BEST charcoal on the market!

UK & Ireland deliveries only

Trailblazer BBQ towable barbeque grills all models

The Full Trailblazer Grillmaster BBQ Range

With our new extended range of Trailblazers, if you need a BBQ for anything from small, to very large groups, then nothing comes close to the amazing Trailblazer BBQ/Grill range. Unrivalled in the marketplace.

Trailblazer models range from the 120 MINI, specially designed as the ultimate car accessory for the outdoor family and small groups, right up to the 1200 FESTIVAL comfortably handling very large groups in excess of 1,500 people. All our models are designed to be towable anywhere from a beach to a forest park and by a 4WD family saloon, van or even a quad or motorcycle.

With its innovative gull-wing style designed to protect against sun, rain, hail or snow, Trailblazer will become more than a fair-weather friend. Alone with its impressive grilling power, Trailblazer simply oozes personality. Frequently becoming the star of the show and the centre of attraction at your outdoor event generating a steady flow of future business and bookings.

Trailblazer has made large BBQ/grilling achievable, anywhere, any time, any place. All year round, in the sun & in the rain, even in the snow! The list of opportunities for you to benefit from with the unique features of the Trailblazer range are enormous. With Trailblazer, the opportunities for you are endless. Cater with ease for parties, office outings, clubs, church groups, youth camps, fundraisers, weddings, beach parties, sporting and music events, fairs and shows, school sports days and many more.

When you own a Trailblazer, it is not just another piece of catering equipment, it will enhance your business, grow new customers and extend your season.

Thanks to the innovative and unique Trailblazer towable and mobile barbeque range, outdoor entertaining and catering anywhere, anytime and for any number of people is now better than ever.

While enjoying all the conveniences usually associated with gas, the charcoal powered Trailblazer is the only serious barbeque option for large groups. Whatever the weather, wherever you are, everyone can enjoy the authentic smoky taste that charcoal provides.

Offering the ultimate BBQ grilling experience, from the Trailblazer 12 MINI to the Trailblazer 1200 FESTIVAL – comfortably reaching cruising speeds of up to 1200 burgers per hour (BPH) – all the while retaining the finesse and control to perfectly cook a Chateaubriand.

Trailblazer is proud to have customers in a wide variety of sectors and countries including outdoor catering, hotels, pubs, restaurants, butchers, leisure, event organisers, event venues, charities, trailer hire, catering equipment hire and hire depots.

With Trailblazer you have an opportunity to grow your business in a way the you were not able to do in the same way before and enjoying a surprisingly rapid return on your investment with a noticeable growth in your business.

Trailblazer 1200 Festival

For very large groups

For very large groups

View 1200

Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster

For large groups

For large groups

View 600s

Trailblazer 350 Club

For medium sized groups

For medium sized groups

View 350

Trailblazer 120 Mini

For smaller groups

For smaller groups

View 120

Trailblazer Accessories