The 350 Club Commercial BBQ

The Perfect Starter

mobile BBQ, Towable version

The ideal charcoal BBQ for butcheries, cafes & societies

The Trailblazer 350 CLUB BBQ was added to the range as a response from the market for a smaller more compact unit that performs exactly like our flagship 600S Grillmaster.

Beautifully styled and with a capacity of 350 BPH (burgers per hour) the 350 CLUB is an excellent option where the size and capacity of the 600s isn’t required.

The 350 CLUB is also available in a mobile version with high-quality castors for when towing on the road isn’t required but where easy movement around your grounds is.


Hassle-Free Commerical Catering…

towable 350 club open

Compact, Mobile Trailer

The 350 Club is a compact unit offering huge mobility, ideal for accessing areas

large charcoal grill on commercial bbq

Adjustable Grill

Giving you instant heat control. Simply lower & raise as you please throughout the cooking process.

Gull wing doors

Iconic Gull Wing Doors

Giving excellent shelter from rain & sun to the chef when opened. When closed, doors will keep everything inside safe & contained

Multiple Chefs

Double sided cooking stations capable of having up to 4 people cooking at the same time using both sides of the grill.

front tables on bbq trailer

Front & side drop down tables

Hygienic and stylish stainless steel tables allow plenty of room for side dishes, food preparation or dressings

charcoal clean out

Ash scraper & collection box

Giving hassle free cleaning. Simply pull the scrapper bar to gather charcoal into removable box.

Huge Cooking Outputs

The 350 boasts a 350BPH grill, giving huge cooking capabilities within a small mobile unit

mobile BBQ unit

Mobile BBQ Option

The 350 comes in a mobile option too for when towing from one place the next isn’t required

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Specifications & dimensions


Side dimensions (mm)


Back dimensions (mm)

  • Height under gull wing doors: 1930mm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Grill surface size: 980mm x 700mm
  • Grill capacity: Approx 36 burgers
  • Wheel size: 10″ (Sealed for life hubs)

  • Trailer classification: 01 Unbaked  (Sealed for life hubs)

  • Upper warming area size: 980 mm x 325 mm

Our customers love us

And we love them right back!

““I’ve been in the BBQ industry for 10 years, previously using gas barbecues this year I switched to a Trailblazer 350 CLUB and will never look back! Catered for 1200 people at a Blizzards concert, it was hard work but the profit we made spoke large volumes! Our Trailblazer has brought us great exposure and output capabilities.”
Dick Dooley, Dick Dooley Family Butchers

“We have been using our Trailblazer BBQ 350 Club for about 6 weeks now and have already lifted £25,000! The best we have made in a day is £1,500 and that’s the machine only in second gear.”
Sam Mason, National Lake District

“Hi Lester, you won’t believe me but both – yes BOTH Trailblazers – are paid for and we have been in profit since about 4 o’clock this afternoon. Both paid for in three & a half days is not bad at all. The two machines are superb!.”
Andrew Gedge;, Waters Edge Leisure



While you are here, why not have a read through our other customer success stories and learn how other traders are profiting with Trailblazer BBQ throughout the UK street food and outside catering industry!

mobile catering success story, Mobile BBQ catering set up

From Cafe owner to Mobile Catering

  • Start of as a cafe owner however soon realised the money was in outside catering and wedding BBQs
  • Started with a 600S Grillmaster in 2015
  • Now owns 3 Trailblazer BBQs
  • Starting of small, Mark focused on PTAs and school parties. Now he is only targeting corporate functions and weddings
Street Food BQ, BBQ street food set up

New Street Food Trends Need New Innovation

  • Feast use their 600S Grillmaster for street food trading across London
  • Increased profits of to 40% since using the Trailblazer BBQ trailer
  • Produce tastes nicer since switching to the Trailblazer towable BBQ
  • Increased productivity allows Feast to work more efficiently and spend more time with family
Commercial BBQ Success Story

Flaming Jacks ready for Trailblazer no.2

  • A mobile BBQ caterer targeting private parties and small events
  • Just one year on with Trailblazer BBQ and Jack is ready for machine No.2
  • No limitations as to where he can and cannot caterer due to Trailblazer’s self sufficiency
  • Believes Trailblazer to be an essential factor to his business’ survival and growth

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