Smokin’ on the 600 Streetmaster

The Smokin Yankee + Trailblazer 600 Streetmaster = Smokin’, searin’, slaggin’ & bikin.’ Throughout this episode, the Smokin Yankee focuses on the smoking capability on our 600 Streetmaster BBQ trailer as he smokes some chicken thighs, pork belly, and corn.

600 Streetmaster – A Walk Around

This BBQ Smoker has been specifically designed to be the ultimate street food trailer & Is incredibly versatile, boasting huge cooking capabilities, including the ability to grill, smoke, roast, and bake pizza.

Open Sea Meats Open Fire For A Healthy Lifestyle

Last week, we took our Trailblazer BBQ 600 Streetmaster to Donaghadee or ‘Port Devine’ (as some of you may now know it) to treat the ‘Donaghadee Chunky Dunkers’ to some grill’d goods for all the charitable fundraising & events the group partakes in throughout the year.

Lighting Charcoal – The Trailblazer Way

We often get asked for our opinion on the best way to light charcoal in a Trailblazer BBQ, so thought we would do a short demonstration of our light-up technique. using our new portable, tabletop charcoal bbq – the Pico

UK Street Food with Feast

Trailblazer street food caterer Leigh gives feedback on his Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster charcoal grill BBQ trailer & the UK street food scene. Full customer success story here

Customer Testimonial – 600s Grillmaster

“If everything paid me as well as my Trailblazer BBQ I would be worth a good few pound at this stage!” A short video as Pat from The Kitchen Cafe talks about his journey with Trailblazer BBQ.

Trailblazer BBQ – Now You Can!

The amazing Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster charcoal grill BBQ trailer cooks 1,500 portions of food for 800 people in 2.5 hours!

UK Street Food Pop Up

A Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster charcoal grill BBQ trailer in action as Farsley Fire & Smoke launch a Pop Up during the Coronavirus pandemic

Trailblazer BBQ Debut in Bulgaria

Built in Belfast, shipped Worldwide…. Trailblazer BBQ touches down in Bulgaria for the first time & proves to be a huge hit with local consumers.

Trailblazer thriving in -5 weather conditions

Great to see an excited Trailblazer owner putting their new 600s Grillmaster charcoal grill BBQ trailer straight to use in demanding weather conditions of – 5˚C in Germany!

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Argento 2016 BBQ staff outing

At Argento, a major jewellery retailer, only the best is good enough when it comes to their team. Now with their own Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer!

Trailblazer BBQ – whatever the weather

No more cancellations due to bad weather with a Trailblazer BBQ. Even in the rain, the Trailblazer BBQ excels – just ask the guys at Dromore Cycling Club who used it for their annual charity sportive!

Trailblazer BBQ – Glenarm Family Day Out

One of our customers, Foodie Folk, enjoyed a lot of success at the Glenarm Family Day Out event with their 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer.