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Sanitising Solutions
For The New Normal

Trailblazer Hygiene

Discreet & professional solution
to long term hand and surface sanitation

Unlike other bulky, unsightly hygiene products, Trailblazer Hygiene offers innovative features like no other on the market and has been specifically designed for those wanting hygiene solutions that blend in to be seen as a piece of functional furniture rather than a temporary quick fix.

Don’t Make A Scene, Make A Statement!

Trailblazer Hygiene Products

The Compact Blue Roll Dispenser

compact blue roll holder, blue roll dispenser mounted on wall

A high-quality compact stainless steel, wall-mounted blue roll holder with an easy tear-away design.

Perfect for factories, gyms, offices and back of house areas.

Wall Mounted Blue Roll Dispenser

wall mounted blue roll holder on display

This wall mounted blue roll holder is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Comes in three different mounting options (Magnetic, removable and permanent)

The Hand & Surface Mobile Station

mobile sanitation trolley 0 house keeping cart

Ideal for warehouses, factories, gyms, and general back of house areas that want to prioritise superior hygiene.

Just drag and drop this cart wherever needed.

The Hand & Surface Wall Mount Station

The Spring Mounted Bottle Holder

sanitiser bottle holder

The Uno Portable Sink

Uno mobile hand wash front facing

The Mobile Hand-Wash Range

autonomous hand wash