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Trailblazer Hygiene

Discreet & professional solution
to long term hand and surface sanitation

Unlike other bulky, unsightly hygiene products, Trailblazer Hygiene offers innovative features like no other on the market and has been specifically designed for those wanting hygiene solutions that blend in to be seen as a piece of functional furniture rather than a temporary quick fix.

Don’t Make A Scene, Make A Statement!

accepts all dispensers

Accepts all dispensers, pumps & vaporisers

304 Stainless

recycle-able plastic

Recyclable and biodegradable plastic

attractive design

Discreet & attractive

Trailblazer Hygiene Products

The Free-Standing Hand Sanitiser Station

free standing hand sanitiser stand

The Hand Sanitiser Wall Mount Station

wall mount sanitiser holder

The Hand Sanitiser Desk Station

desk tidy sanitise bottle holder

The Spring Mounted Bottle Holder

sanitiser bottle holder

The Hand & Surface Wall Mount Station

The Hand & Surface Mobile Station

Mobile hygiene station

The Uno Portable Sink

Uno mobile hand wash front facing

The Mobile Hand-Wash Range

autonomous hand wash

The Free Standing Hand Sanitation Station

This Free-Standing Sanitiser Station will blend in perfectly throughout any modern office or professional environment that’s seeking a discreet & effective solution for hand hygiene.

The Hand Sanitiser Station is robustly built with 304 stainless steel and recycled, biodegradable plastic. Designed with a tripod base to offer maximum stability on all grounds and adjustable settings to accept most dispensers, pumps & vaporisers.

This stand also has the option of adding up to three additional holders for essential PPE such as mask, towels & gloves.

Don’t Make A Scene, Make A Statement

The Hand & Surface Wall Mount Station

The wall mounted sanitation station is perfect for organisations looking for an all in one solution to maintaining excellent hygiene whilst keeping work areas clutter free.

The Trailblazer Wall Mount will ensure your staff have accessible sanitation equipment at eye level and arms reach at all times. Don’t give staff or employees a reason to disregard company hygiene policies or procedures!

Perfect for commercial kitchens, factories, mechanic workshops and general back of house areas.

The Hand & Surface Mobile Sanitation Station

The mobile sanitation station that offers everything you need to stay compliant and much more! Just drag and drop this compact cart wherever it’s needed and keep sanitation supplies at arms length. Ideal for warehouses, stockrooms, garages etc.

This mobile sanitation trolly has been extremely well thought though and boasts an abundance of features, including, an integrated bin & storage shelf, glove & blue roll dispenser, sanitiser & disinfectant holders, industrial castors and much more.

The Hand Wall Mount Station

This light weight & stylish wall mount hand station is the ideal, long term solution to readily available hand sanitation throughout all environments without sacrificing ambience with the bulky, mainstream hygiene stations that are on the market.

This station offers adjustable setting to allow for all shapes & sizes of sanitiser bottles to be used. Simply fix this mount on to any wall & have readily available dispensers and PPE holders with absolutely no fuss.

A stainless steel tray for holding PPE or towels is available as an optional extra.

The Hand Sanitiser Desk Station

Offering offices and professional surroundings an immediate solution for keeping sanitisation at arms reach whilst maintaining clear & tidy desk tops.

Encourage and promote sanitation in a smart, discreet manner. The desk tidy gives a designated home for sanitiser gel or rub. The adjustable arm allows for different height settings and accepts all sizes of bottles and sprays.

This Desk Station has been designed to cope with all thicknesses of desk up to 90mm.

The UNO Portable Hand Sink

The UNO portable sink offers an affordable mobile hand washing solution for those wanting to offer running water hand washing anywhere, at any time.

This unit requires no plumbing and is handsfree operated through the use of a foot pedal.

The UNO Ultimate Autonomous Hand-Wash

The UNO Ultimate is our top of the range, must have, mobile hand-wash for organisations that want the highest level of hand hygiene without requiring a power supply or the need for plumbing.

This instantly deployable, fully autonomous sink offers both hot & cold running water that is operated hands free. Robustly built with 304 stainless steel, recycled plastic & industrial castors, the Uno hand wash can be effortlessly manoeuvred across any terrain and is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The UNO Ultimate features include; a blue roll dispenser, disposable glove dispenser, LED lighting, an integrated bin, storage, side shelf, electric and much, much more

The Ever-Growing Importance
of Sufficient Hand Washing Facilities

WHO How & When
to Hand Hygiene

The WHO recommend washing hands with soap & water when hands are visibly soiled. Otherwise they recommend using hand rub.

5 reasons you NEED a Trailblazer Handwash

Customers are now, more than ever on the look out for on site hand washing facilities. 4/5 claim it direct effects their purchasing intent.

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