A good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools……

& you shouldn’t either!


It’s no secret that every Grillmaster needs his sidekick and for that reason we have developed a range of revolutionary BBQ accessories that will change your grilling game! Whether you are a home BBQ enthusiast or commercial catering expert, explore our accessory range today and significantly enhance your outdoor catering experience.

Stainless Steel Griddle

This tailor made griddle fits the Trailblazer range like a glove. Fold down lips have been added to act as a catch that will secure the griddle to the grill to ensure it stays stationary when in use. Available in two sizes 39cm X 39cm or 29cm X 29cm.

BBQ griddle, hotplate


Adding a griddle to your Trailblazer BBQ opens the window for many different offerings such as cooked breakfasts, fried vegetables or simply to keep a burger cooking in its own juices. The possibilities are endless, so much so that UK BBQ mag included a list of griddle BBQ recipes. Available here.

Blue Roll Holder & Dispenser

Not being able to find blue roll or napkins at a time of need can lead to unneeded stress, especially in the midst of busy trading periods. Having to leave the grill unattended to have a quick scurry in search for the hidden roll can be infuriating and isn’t what you want to be wasting your time doing throughout a busy event.

Trailblazer BBQ has invented the ultimate blue roll holder and dispenser to aid this burden. This stainless steel accessory is designed to clip to the underneath of the side table on a 600s to ensure your blue roll is within reaching distance throughout your whole cooking experience. The roll holder, features a stainless steel cutter plate allowing for easy dispense and tear away with the use of just one hand.

Clip On Holders

Our range of stainless steel clip on tool holders ensure you always have your favourite BBQ utensils tools and marinates within easy reach, even when the heat is on!

Just clip on as many of them as you need, anywhere on the side shelves and around the gull wing doors to have quick access to those items that you need to have right at your hand.

clip on marinate jar, BBQ/Grill BBQ towel holder accessory Clip on BBQ/grill tool holder accessory


Clip On Condiment Holder

Trailblazers clip on condiment holder is perfect for holding sauces or containers full of dressings or sides.

Tailor the height or location of the clip on condiment holder to suit your specific needs. This accessory is perfect for setting at a higher than the table on your front gable allowing additional storage without compromising for any room. simply attach and detach as needed.


Upper Hanging Tray & Lower Warming Tray

Clear clutter and space without improvising for accessibility with Trailblazer BBQs Clip In Upper Hanging Tray and Lower Warming Tray. Store gastronome trays out of the way however still within easy reach or hold produce at a slightly warmer temperature than achieved from the fixed warming shelf.

Upper hanging tray BBQ accessory

BBQ accessory, Grill Gear

Prep ‘N’ Store Conversion Kit Accessory

Trailblazers revolutionary conversion kit enables effortless transformation from a 1200 BPH (burgers per hour) unit to a 600BPH and 2 station prep area. Offering under surface storage capable of holding x2 70l cool boxes and additional equipment such as hand wash, cutlery etc whilst the work area can be utilised as a prep area or display stand. 

By removing the quick release firebox, securing the three part floor inserts and grill top covers the Trailblazer conversion kit allows massive flexibility all within just one theatrical unit and can be fully restored back to standard grilling spec at any time.

Handeman Xtra Portable Hand wash

To abide legislation laws, mobile caterers need to have hand washing facilities on site. As antibacterial gel is not accepted by the Environmental Health Department as an appropriate method of cleaning hands the Handeman Xtra is the perfect portable, lightweight and affordable hand washing system.

The Handeman Xtra compliments Trailblazers self sufficiency as there is no requirement for plumbing or power supplies. It is for use with pre-heated hot water and provides a minimum of fifteen 12 second hand washes per filling – enough for a hard day’s work.

Replenish with new hot water at any time by simply heating fresh water in a pan over Trailblazers grill and pour into the handeman.



The above accessories are available to purchase either at our Dundonald factory or via our online shop. If you would like to find out more information about any of the above just lift the phone. We are more than happy to help.