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Street Food profiting UK

Street food caterers can come in many shapes and forms whether it be food trucks, portable pizza ovens, chip vans or bespoke builds. However it is not surprising to hear that BBQ and charcoal grills will play a large part in the future of street food equipment!

Nothing compares to the theatre and taste of succulent meats dripping over the hot bed of a Trailblazer charcoal grill, creating that nourished layer of authentic flavour.

With a small footprint, an unmatched high output, large theatrical presence, instant cooking/heat control, mobility and ready to cook in 12 minutes, it’s no surprise that we believe the Trailblazer BBQ range of towable grills to be the ultimate choice for street food catering.

However we understand our view could be seen as slightly bias, so we decided to speak with one of our recent customers, Feast to see how Trailblazer BBQ has impacted their mobile catering business.

Feast offer artisan food with a specific emphasis on flavours from the Middle East & Mediterranean. Using quality produce from the trusted Woburn Country Foods and using a Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster, its no wonder as to why Feast are kept busy 7 days a week.

Watch as Leigh talks about Feast, UK street food and cooking on Trailblazer BBQ

Here is what Leigh White of Feast had to say:

“Our Trailblazer BBQ offers accessibility where other food trucks and catering vans simply can’t! This has proved vital to us, as operating across tight areas in central London we have been able to distance ourselves from our street food competitors.”

“After a busy day of street food catering, the nicest part is being able to close up and drive off without having to worry about discarding the ash or dismantling any parts of the trailer. Just simply close up, hitch on and drive off!”

“When catering at a street food stall we can be there all day and therefore need to replenish our charcoal. This chore has been made light work thanks to Trailblazers adjustable grill, interestingly we have found people even love watching the grill lift whilst the charcoal is still roaring underneath.”

“Our Trailblazer BBQ has given us the ability to cook street food in a way that was not made possible before! People cannot resist the sight of a large chunk of tasty marinated meat sizzling and bubbling over a bed of charcoal, it’s a real head turner!”

“After using my charcoal Trailblazer, I would never revert back to gas!”

“Our wraps also taste a lot nicer than before! Using our Trailblazer BBQ we can now give the wraps hot spots and a nice crisp like what you would get from a pizza oven, and our customers absolutely love it!”

Street Food Theatre on a Trailblazer BBQ

“The theatre our Trailblazer BBQ creates doesn’t go unnoticed either as we are continually getting positive customer feedback on the design and look of it. Whilst catering at a CrossFit event even the event organiser joked, saying all his hard work organising the actual event was wasted as Feast with their Trailblazer and succulent foods came and stole all the attention.”

“We believe our theatrical presence tops any of what a food truck could achieve! We have recently been upgraded location in St Albans shopping centre do to our tidy set up, placing us at the customer forefront and before any other food cater.”

“We are planning on using a street food catering app called ‘Street Dots’ to maintain street stall positions throughout the winter as we will have the ability to book locations throughout London depending on our preferences whilst our followers can access the app, pre book meals and locate where we will be situated each day.”

“We have noticed a nice increase in demand with our Trailblazer BBQ, currently we are up to our eyes and working 7 days a week. We are looking forward to some weekends off towards the end of 2017.”

Work less, Earn more

Its been nearly a year with the Trailblazer and we have seen an increase in turnover of between 30-40% since using the Trailblazer.

The increase in turnover has allowed us to trade more efficiently through the week and crucially given us the time off at weekends to spend with our family which was not possible before the Trailblazer BBQ, also we have seen a bigger increase in turnover during the winter months, the TB acting as a big crowd drawer when the weather was cold.

So a huge thank you to you and your team, were looking forward to a productive spring/summer with the TB and some quality time with our families.

Trailblazer BBQ gives the opportunity to turn your catering dreams into reality! Those with passion for food innovation and artistry but have little start up capital can now produce their favourite street food dishes on an innovative machine that offers more versatility than any food truck on the market, at a fraction of the cost.

Are you keen to start your own catering business?

Call Trailblazer BBQ today on +44 28 9057 9000 or email [email protected] and find out how Trailblazer BBQ could make your dreams turn to reality!


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New Street Food Trends Need New Innovation

  • Feast use their 600S Grillmaster for street food trading across London
  • Increased profits of to 40% since using the Trailblazer BBQ trailer
  • Produce tastes nicer since switching to the Trailblazer towable BBQ
  • Increased productivity allows Feast to work more efficiently and spend more time with family
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