Just one year after purchasing his first Trailblazer BBQ, Jack, the Flaming Cook is back for Trailblazer number two as business continues to grow!

Based in North Cork, The Flaming Cook joined the Trailblazer family in August 2017 as Jack decided it was time to kick start his own mobile BBQ catering business.

One year down the line and it’s great to see Jack returning to us for a larger Trailblazer due to rapid business growth!

We decided to take this opportunity to catch up with Jack, his journey with Trailblazer BBQ and how it has impacted his mobile catering business.

The Flaming Cook is a 100% mobile, charcoal fueled BBQ catering business that brings authentic flavor to any social gathering or outdoor event. Supporting local businesses, Jack sources his beef burgers, lamb/chicken kebabs, chicken wings and award winning sausages all from local butchers.

flaming jack BBQ

Has Trailblazer added much value to your mobile bbq business and when did you decide it was time to upgrade to the 600s? 

“Yes, without a doubt Trailblazer BBQ has added great value to our mobile bbq business. It has become an integral part of our brand!”

“When we introduced our 120 Mini to the market here in Cork, people were very impressed, as were we! Word soon got about and people started to talk about how convenient and impressive the 120 Mini was. We found the demand then quickly grew.”

“The time constraints of a BBQ was always an issue we were cautious of. However thanks to Trailblazers mobility it has not only reduced the time consumption however has also increased our productivity as we can now do two barbecues in one day. This is something we were never able to achieve before.”

“Over the summer of 2018 the demand for our catering services grew rapidly. Starting to target larger party sizes we started to think about upsizing our equipment. We had the pleasure of hiring a Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster for an event we were catering at. It cut our time onsite in half and the output capabilities were next to none.”

“After this experience and the positive feedback that we received from the guests, we made the decision to purchase our own 600s Grillmaster.”

Commercial BBQ, Towable BBQ
Commercial BBQ, Towable BBQ
Commercial BBQ, Towable BBQ

How did you find Trailblazer and what makes it work for your business?

“Primarily when we were looking to break into the BBQ market we wanted a BBQ that was easily maintained and convenient for the peak season. I found Trailblazer when searching online for a towable BBQ.”

“It was exactly what I was after. Being a towable BBQ was a major selling point for us as having the ability to simply hitch the BBQ and travel to and from our events eliminated a lot stress and hassle.”

“The fact our Trailblazer BBQ is fuelled by charcoal means we are fully self sufficient and require no utilities or resources from our clients. This means we have no limitations as to where we can or cannot provide our catering services.”

What have you favourited about your Trailblazer BBQ?

“Cooking on a Trailblazer BBQ is an experience in itself. The charcoal pit can hold quite a large amount of charcoal  allowing for searing hot temperatures to be achieved. The results are second to none. This also means foods can be cooked faster however still obtain that authentic charcoal taste.”

“My Trailblazer BBQ has many neat and hidden features. The range of clip on accessories are a great addition to any BBQ to ensure you have all your utensils at arms length when the heat is on.” 

“I have to say tho, our favourite feature would be the drop down tables and gull wing doors. You can never have to much space when cooking and both the front & rear tables have proven to be a great addition to our BBQ events. They are very sturdy and tuck away very neatly when not in use. In my opinion they are a must have!.”

“The gull wing doors are ideal when factoring the wind. Simply close on door and allow it to act as a wind shield. Also the BBQ can reach high cooking temperatures, having the ability to alternate and cook from both sides is also big advantage.”

“Overall I feel the Trailblazer is beautifully engineered and from my experience, is a real show stopper!”

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