Targeted to be the ultimate BBQ/Grill for the home entertainer and BBQ enthusiast, we were keen to hear feedback and thoughts following a customers birthday party last weekend.

‘Mighty BBQ’, ‘Fantastic food’ ‘Spectacular,’  and ‘a night to remember’ were just a few quotes from Paddy’s friends and neighbours after a party where the Trailblazer Alfresco 120  ‘stole the show.’  

Thrilled to hear how the Alfresco 120 exceeded Paddy’s expectations and as being the first ever Alfresco 120 review, we thought it’s only right to share his thoughts with you…

‘I always knew Trailblazer was a great product but I can now say it’s actually a magnificent one!’

“We had a fabulous night, the Trailblazer Alfresco made entertaining over 50 people effortless.  

You can see from the pics that the Trailblazers were the centre piece of the show and a total talking point for the night.

I knew that this was a great product but it’s actually a magnificent one. It turned what was a great night into a spectacular one. It was so quick and easy to light; the adjustable height made it so easy to control the temperature, cooked fabulous fish and there wasn’t a charred chicken leg or burnt burger in sight! 

Cleaning it out was quick and easy as well, and it looks great on the patio.  Having previously used gas BBQs, we are delighted with our Trailblazer, as we get the ease of cooking with gas but with the heat, smell and atmosphere created by charcoal.  Can’t wait for the next party!”                                                                                                          Paddy Farry.

Keen to upgrade your alfresco entertainment?

The Alfresco 120 is the ultimate home BBQ/Grill. Just wheel this luxurious BBQ/Grill out and watch it become the centrepiece of any party or social gathering.

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