• Large bbq, home bbq/grill
  • Towable BBQ, Mobile BBQ
  • Large bbq, home bbq/grill
  • Towable BBQ, Mobile BBQ

Trailblazer BBQ Domestic Range

The first, commercial quality charcoal grill with adjustable cooking heights for home use.

Whether you are a BBQ enthusiast looking for the ultimate bbq for home usage. An outdoor family that enjoy touring the country side whilst enjoying the best of charcoal grilling or simply a party planner looking to show off a sleek, luxurious bit of kit that will become the star of the show, Trailblazer has the perfect grill for you!

Upgrade your alfresco entertaining with a Trailblazer BBQ for an outdoor cooking experience your guests won’t forget!

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The Luxurious Charcoal BBQ Range

Trailblazer Alfresco 120

Trailblazer 350 Club BBQ

Output: 120 Burgers Per Hour

*Available in three colours*

The first large, commercial quality charcoal grill with adjustable cooking heights for the BBQ enthusiast at home. The Alfresco 120 will deliver the best outdoor gourmet grilling possible.

view the alfresco 120

Trailblazer 120 Mini

Trailblazer 350 Club BBQ

Output: 120 Burgers Per Hour

*Available in three colours*

The 120 MINI will tow anywhere on or off road without the inconvenience of having to pack and unpack the BBQ. Just Hook It ‘n’ Cook It to enjoy the very best of BBQ/Grilling!

View 120 Mini

Why Choose a Trailblazer BBQ

Our Customers Say It Best

Revolutionary! This charcoal alone has saved me 20% of our costs.

Pat Brady, The Kitchen

It’s been nearly a year with the Trailblazer BBQ & we have already seen an increase in turnover of between 30-40% since using the 600S Grillmaster.

Leigh White, Feast

Customer Success Stories

mobile catering success story, Mobile BBQ catering set up

From Cafe to Mobile Catering 

  • Start of as a cafe owner however soon realised the money was in outside catering and wedding BBQs
  • Started with a 600S Grillmaster in 2015 & now owns 3 Trailblazer BBQs
  • Starting of small, Mark focused on PTAs and school parties. Now he is only targeting corporate functions and weddings
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Street Food BQ, BBQ street food set up

New Street Food Trends Need New Innovation

  • Feast use their 600S Grillmaster for street food trading across London
  • Noticed an increase profits of up to 40% since using the Trailblazer BBQ trailer
  • Produce tastes a lot nicer since switching to the Trailblazer towable BBQ
  • An increase in productivity has allowed Feast to work more efficiently and spend more time with family
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Commercial BBQ Success Story

Flaming Jacks ready for Trailblazer no.2

  • A mobile BBQ caterer targeting private parties and small events
  • Just one year on with Trailblazer BBQ and Jack is ready for machine No.2
  • No limitations as to where he can and cannot caterer due to Trailblazer’s self sufficiency
  • Believes Trailblazer to be an essential factor to his business’ survival and growth
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Talk to us. We speak fluent BBQ!

If you are an existing caterer or interested in starting a mobile catering business, then please get in touch and let us help you! We have a wealth of experience and work closely alongside our customers to make sure they are getting the best from their Trailblazer towable BBQ.

Phone: 028 9057 9000

Email: [email protected]

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