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Trailblazer BBQ Customer Catering Success Stories

We pride ourselves on Trailblazers ability to rapidly return investment through Profitability, Talkability & Manoeuvrability.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read through our customer catering success stories from proud Trailblazer BBQ owners. learn how others are profiting with Trailblazer across a variety of different catering backgrounds.

Ready for Trailblazer no.2 as business demand grows!

Based in North Cork, The Flaming Cook joined the Trailblazer family in August 2017 as Jack decided it was time to kick start his own mobile BBQ catering business.

One year down the line and it’s great to see Jack returning to us for a larger Trailblazer due to rapid business growth!

We decided to take this opportunity to catch up with Jack, his journey with Trailblazer BBQ and how it has impacted his mobile catering business.

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Additional Revenues with Trailblazer BBQ Success Story

As a successful restaurant owner of the Kitchen Cafe in Letterkenny, Pat was always on the look out for ways to add value and growth to his cafe chain. However despite having being a BBQ enthusiast, Pat had no intention of adding an outside catering aspect to his business until he unexpectedly met Trailblazer BBQ at a catering exhibition in Belfast back in 2014.

Pat now has a fleet of three Trailblazer BBQs as demand has spiked throughout the previous number of years.

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From Cafe to Mobile Catering Success Story

The Foodie Folk journey began when Mark Stone opened a brick-and-mortar shop & cafe located in Belfast to follow his passion for proper food. However he soon realised the money was to be made in outdoor catering!

Foodie Folk now provide a mobile, outside catering service that includes everything from exquisite barbecues to bars.

From day one, Mark has focused on building Foodie Folks name on quality produce and quality cooking and has recently invested in a rebranding and revamp of the company’s website to compliment his upmarket brand and high quality mobile services.

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Trailblazer Goes To The Movies – Catering Success Story

Trailblazer BBQ decided to catch up with ‘Retro Drive-In Movies‘ founder and proud Trailblazer owner Barry Clarke, to hear how Trailblazer has impacted his drive-in movie business.

Offering a cinema experience like no other! ‘Retro Drive-In Movies’ brings the biggest movies to the biggest outdoor LED screen, giving viewers the ability to watch from the comfort of their very own cars!

Starting as a crazy idea written on the back of a beer mat during a few sociable drinks, Retro Drive-In Movies has become Ireland’s fastest growing, movie-related day out.

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Winning Women In The Catering Business

Being your own boss may not be for everyone, but with self-employment levels in the UK reaching record highs, there must be some rewarding benefits! To celebrate National Women’s Small Business month Trailblazer BBQ decided to catch up with a proud Trailblazer BBQ owner and successful businesswoman, Pauline McGurk. Pauline is one of many ‘Winning Women’ in the mobile catering business.

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New Trends Need New Innovation – Street Food Catering Success Stories

Street food caterers can come in many shapes and forms whether it be food trucks, portable pizza ovens, chip vans or bespoke builds. However it is not surprising to hear that BBQ and charcoal grills will play a large part in the future of street food equipment!

Nothing compares to the Street food theatre and taste of succulent meats dripping over the hot bed of a Trailblazer charcoal grill, creating that nourished layer of authentic flavour.

If you are an existing caterer or are interested in starting a mobile catering business then please get in touch and let us help you! We have a wealth of experience and work closely alongside our customers to make sure they are getting the best from their Trailblazer.

Tel: 028 90 57 9000 

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