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Street Food Trading Opportunities In London and Beyond!

Further opportunities in the pipeline for street food traders across London and surrounding UK areas as StreetDots announce huge growth plans to help further boosts the UK street food & outdoor entertainment scene! StreetDots was created back in 2014 at the same time street food was trading was starting to see a steady incline. The platform was developed to allow independent street food traders book spaces to trade within London and surrounding areas. By working closely with land owners, StreetDots were able to benefit mobile caterers with trading locations and private land owners as they were able to utilise unused space that was lying redundant. As the UK street food industry as a whole has seen a rapid increase in popularity, StreetDots have invested in this positive growth as there [...]

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Trailblazer Teams with NCASS

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with NCASS. The UK’s only independent trade association for mobile caterers and street food traders. The National Caterers Association, ‘NCASS’ specialise in providing caterers with expert advice and systems to help them trade legally, safely & more profitably throughout the UK & Ireland. Giving mobile caterers the ability to trade safely and profitably, anywhere and at any time is also a core focus of Trailblazer BBQ. Our goal is to provide caterers with the solution to make more money, work less hours, and have more fun and we firmly believe the partnership with NCASS will help make this even more achievable for our customers. We caught up with Amy from NCASS and Leigh from 'Feast' for a bit of background info [...]

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Down ‘The Hatch’ as Another Trailblazer Owner Celebrates Huge Success! 

We would like to wish the best  of luck to proud Trailblazer BBQ owners and accomplished, award winning artisan street food guys, The Hatch! These guys have had one heck of a year. From being crowned The Best Burger in Ulster, Highly commended winners of Street Food of the Year and finalists in the Food & Wedding Awards. After conquering Ulster’s Best Burger, they are now on the hot pursuit for even bigger things. Next on the award radar is ‘The Best Burger in Ireland’ as they will be ‘burgering’ it out this year with some of the top players in hopes for that gold-plated trophy! The Hatch and their talented chefs focus on cooking locally sourced produce on their Trailblazer BBQ and from what we hear, love smoking [...]

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Lights, Camera, Cook!

 Shine the light and watch your mobile catering business grow this year with Trailblazers brand new, fully autonomous lighting system!..... No leads, No electric resource required and No fixing restrictions. Introducing the all new Trailblazer BBQ lighting system. Each lighting kit includes: - 5 rechargeable battery powered LED lights, each of which boasting a 3 hour run time Multiple mounting fixings for ultimate positioning flexibility 5 charger leads and an in car USB charging adapter The Trailblazer BBQ lighting kit is available for purchase here Each 5W wireless light giving 3 hours battery life, offering the perfect solution for evening trading. No more trading in the dark or early pack up times due to seasonality! Pick and choose where you wish to place the BBQ lighting, whether it be [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Trailblazer BBQ In 2019!

Trailblazer has proven to be a huge hit throughout many different industries and sectors. Trailblazer BBQ will prove to become a huge asset to your catering business, allowing you to enjoy many benefits, both financially and quality of life. Here are just four key reasons as to why your business needs a Trailblazer BBQ in 2019! Profitability “If everything I bought paid me as well as my Trailblazer BBQ/Grill I would be a millionaire! There’s not a day when we don’t get a customer compliment from the machine.” Pat Brady – The Kitchen Letterkenny Extend your outdoor catering season to all year round, stand out from competition and reach cooking capabilities of up to 1,200BPH! (burgers per hour) Quality of Life Earn more and work less with Trailblazer! Run [...]

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Bringing A Colourful 2019 – Trailblazer BBQ

Mix it up this year with our BRAND NEW, 600S Grillmaster 2019 Colour Range! Starting the year off bright, we are introducing two brand new colour offerings to our flagship machine, the 600s Grillmaster. Now available in three striking colours... ...standard Black, Anthracite & Jet Red.   Giving even more choice to choose a colour that best suits your brand, audience or personal preferences! Pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment or backlog waiting times. What Country will be first to see the new colour range on the road?

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How to Profit in The Food Truck & Street Food Sector

As street food trends continue to peak throughout the UK, research shows that foodies are now prepared to put their money where their mouth is (literally) in order to feed their growing desire for artisan foods. It's no surprise to see a promising growth in mobile catering and food truck start ups! Although this industry offers affordable entry, flexibility and mobility, many mobile traders go out of business within the first year due to a lack of planning, research and dedication. Trailblazer BBQ have highlighted some do’s and don'ts to take into consideration when starting a food truck or mobile catering business to help ensure you reach success. There are many reasons why mobile catering is such an appealing industry to enter for entrepreneurs. Firstly, who doesn’t [...]

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Taking Your Trailblazer To New Heights!

Stand above the competition at your next event with Trailblazers latest eye-catching innovation.... The All New - Trailblazer Overhead, Removable Sign Trailblazers latest innovative accessory - The Removable, Overhead Sign. (Available for 600 & 1200 models) This detachable, retrofit accessory is now available for ALL 600s and 1200 models. Standing a whopping 3m off the ground, this striking accessory will ensure you draw attention from the crowds! Simply remove the sign, fold the frame and re-attach to the fixings for safe and easy transportation. This accessory has been designed in a way to allow easy retrofit installation to your existing machine or factory fitted with any new orders. Whether you opt for your own branded sign or Trailblazers generic one, turn your iconic Trailblazer BBQ into [...]

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Mobile Catering Profiting Tips Through Processes and Procedures

As with any business, the success and survival of your mobile catering business relies heavily through maximising profitability! We're going to help you do that. Therefore, throughout previous articles we have focused on mobile catering profiting tips. Such as, how to maximise profits when starting a mobile catering business, that marketing matters and the importance of selecting popular menu choices. This time we take a look at the importance of having processes & procedures in place to improve efficiency. Leading to higher mobile catering profits & happier customers! THINK: What happens when you've done the hard part in attracting customers to your business and created hype but have no structure or system in place to deal with the positive spike in demand? REMEMBER: A customer is prepared to stand in line waiting [...]

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Raise Your ‘Steaks’… Now With Chips!

Introducing the impressive 1200 Festival Compact Food Truck System!.. Boasting Trailblazers impressive 600BPH (Burgers Per Hour) grilling power, along with 100 litres of fully insulated 'hold hot' storage and a tailorable appliance recess area, this 1200 system is configured to be the ultimate, highly compact and profitable food truck trailer! “From a price point of view there’s nothing better than being able to serve chips. You just bring your bags of chips and throw them in the fryer as you need them. It’s as easy as that. Simply cook what you need, as you need it, leaving absolutely no wastage.” Pat Brady  Read Pats Success Story with Trailblazer BBQ here Tailored appliance area  This 1200 system comes as one part grill and one part appliance recess area that can be [...]

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