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WeBBQ4U- Street Food Start Up Business

One of the most inspiring facets of the hospitality industry is the flexibility in which people can achieve success with a business of their own. There is no one-size-fits-all method for success, and often creative, forward-thinking approaches to running an independent food and drink business are rewarded. Different models work for different businesses, and it is just the same with customers – everyone has different tastes, and caterers find excellent ways to satisfy those tastes and deliver amazing food experiences. This is exactly what barbecuing enthusiasts weBBQ4U are all about: Delivering amazing food experiences, to the specification of their customers.They may have only been trading since 2022, but this is a business that’s been years in the making – we spoke with business owner Mark Lawton about the journey and [...]

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UK Street Food Business ‘Feast’ Hits Success

Leigh, the grillmaster behind London street food business 'Feast' invested in a Trailblazer BBQ over four years ago. Throughout this time, we have kept in contact with Leigh and are delighted to see his UK street food business go from strength to strength. In fact, one of Trailblazer BBQs main slogans “Make More Money, Work Less Hours & Have More Fun” was stimulated by Leigh and his positive feedback on how he has been able to reduce working hours and spend time with family without having to sacrifice earnings through trading in a way that was not deemed possible before owning his Trailblazer. Understandably, a lot has changed throughout the UK street food scene and mobile catering industry in recent years. We thought it was about time to touch base [...]

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The Science Of Grilling – Cooking Craft Meets Science

Great BBQ grilling is indistinguishable from magic. You can read recipes, watch great chefs in action, talk to experienced cooks, practice relentlessly. But you can never quite achieve perfection. Which is a good thing as constant learning and practice is both pleasurable and delicious fun. Grilling engages all the senses: Smell: Grilled food smells delicious, including the charcoal wood smoke. Sight: Grill marks and a good ‘char’ makes grilled food look great. Sound: Don’t you just love the sound of sizzling meat? Touch: Who doesn’t love crispy skin and juicy succulent cuts? Taste: The taste of grilled food is unique and delicious. Chefs & grillmasters will tell you that grilling is an art or a craft, but in fact it's mostly science. But did you ever want to know [...]

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Trailblazing Into The African Continent!

Having delivered our UK-designed and built Trailblazer BBQs worldwide, including the US, Lebanon, Lapland, and ski slopes of Bulgaria, we are thrilled to have now added Ghana to the ever-growing list. Made in the UK, Shipped worldwide William, owner of Yesarko is trailblazing the BBQ scene throughout Ghana, being the very first with a Trailblazer BBQ in the African continent. Owning a pig farm in Ghana, William soon realised that the real profit was being made by the middleman who was taking his produce and selling it for consumption to the end-user. Deciding to add an outdoor catering division to Yesarko Farm, William knew he was on the right path after being pointed towards Trailblazer BBQ. “I started searching the internet to see how I could provide the full [...]

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5 Street Food Trends of 2021

Profitable, Portable & Popular, there are many reasons for caterers to love the UK street food scene. An industry that has been continually growing since the mid-2000s. Rewind back to 08, when the Great Recession saw unemployment rise to its highest level since 1994. This recession helped spur on the success of street food trends as many highly trained, talented chefs were forced out of traditional restaurant jobs. Leaving them to take their culinary skills on tour in an innovative manner as they hit the roadsides with their food inventions. Fast-forward to 2020 – With Coronavirus forcing the UK into the first recession since 2008, experts predict street food trends & alfresco dining to soar throughout 2021. After all, it is seen to be the safest way of eating [...]

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Never Give Up!

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic has touched every part of society. Leaving many of us surrounded by continual obstacles and uncertainty. A time when it would be so easy to pack up and call it a day. Many people will know exactly how this feels, including recent Trailblazer BBQ owners Paisley Flour Catering. NEVER GIVE UP! Paisley Flour Catering is a bespoke outdoor catering company based in the beautiful Georgian riverside town of Bewdley, England. Like the majority of businesses within the food industry, Paisley Flour has had to stomach a pretty upsetting year. “It’s been really up and down! We have lost every wedding booking this year along with other private gigs. It has been really hard & there have been many times when I just [...]

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Trailblazing Feast Supports the NHS

This week I want to reiterate a point that we previously made about the resilience, creativity, and generosity of our industry. A time when it would be so easy for many to throw in the towel as our traders have been forced to endure watching their hard work and secured bookings simply vanish into thin air. Instead, we are seeing industry trailblazers adapt & overcome the continual string of challenges and tests that covid-19 throws at them. Trailblazer customer & owner of Feast, Leigh is a prime example. Leigh had been working hard, filling out his 2020 calendar, and was set for a busy summer before the Coronavirus. As the Coronavirus virtually cleared his calendar, the grill guru (Leigh) decided to sidestep & give a much needed helping hand on [...]

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Appy Days Are Here Again

Last week I sent a small message about looking for the Silver lining. I really appreciated the positive feedback on how it encouraged so many of you. These times are tough for all of us and we need to help each other in whatever way we can. When I was thinking of what to write, I remembered something I used to do with my children when they were young. We live in the heart of the country and on a clear night, we get stunningly beautiful skies with no light pollution. We would lie out on the patio at the back of our house, wrapped up in rugs and sleeping bags, and stare at the sky for hours counting shooting stars. Every time one of us saw one we shouted [...]

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NCASS Q&A: Trailblazer BBQ Founder Lester Manley

NCASS met with Trailblazer BBQ owner, Lester Manley to hear the story behind Trailblazers towable BBQ range and his thoughts on the mobile catering and street food industry. We thought we would fill you in with how the conversation went.... 1.) Hi guys, can you tell us first and foremost when Trailblazer BBQ was established and what was the motivation for starting the business? Trailblazer BBQ was born in 2014 and to be quite honest, it happened purely by accident! While helping out at a church summer youth camp where they were catering for over 200 people on a beach, I (Lester) noticed the whole thing was a disaster. The light was dropping as the tide was rushing in, barbecues weren’t lighting and those that did gave huge flare ups [...]

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Grill Of Choice For All Ireland BBQ Championship

We are delighted to be teaming up with Butchery Excellence International for this years All Ireland BBQ Championships! Trailblazer BBQ will be the grill of choice once again throughout this years competition after impressing the judges throughout both the 2017 & 2018 championships. After the 2017 competition, our Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster was labelled as "Simply the best piece of kit that I have used in a professional judging arena." by Sean Owens, as he also believed, "the amazing high standard and creative products that we experienced throughout this important competition lend themselves to Trailblazer BBQ!" This years competition will take place at Aughnacloy throughout the 13th & 14th of June 2019. The competition is open to all butchers across Ireland, bringing them head to head as they battle it out across 11 meaty classes, giving them the [...]

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