Further opportunities in the pipeline for street food traders across London and surrounding UK areas as StreetDots announce huge growth plans to help further boosts the UK street food & outdoor entertainment scene!

StreetDots was created back in 2014 at the same time street food was trading was starting to see a steady incline. The platform was developed to allow independent street food traders book spaces to trade within London and surrounding areas. By working closely with land owners, StreetDots were able to benefit mobile caterers with trading locations and private land owners as they were able to utilise unused space that was lying redundant.

As the UK street food industry as a whole has seen a rapid increase in popularity, StreetDots have invested in this positive growth as there are now 2000+ mobile caterers using the tech app across 250 trading locations that offer morning, afternoon & evening trading slots across London & surrounding areas.

street food BBQ

A Trailblazer street food caterer in London

5 years later & a lot of hard graft going on behind the scenes, StreetDots have announced they’re bringing even more opportunities to Street Food Traders throughout London and will also now be targeting different locations & introducing opportunities to different sectors.

They have created numerous new offerings for traders and land-owners to enhance the placemaking offering – giving more independent brands and artists across new sectors like wellbeing, retail, experiential and music a new stage.

Landowners can now start to think about placemaking and wellbeing in a very creative way – by bringing more than just food and beverages to the party.


Street Traders and Independent Brands can now work with StreetDots to offer seasonal offerings. There are a huge number of opportunities now for vendors looking to cater to these seasons and holidays.

Private Bookings

StreetDots now features a private bookings form for corporate events, weddings, intimate events, charity events and more on their application. This is a great way for mobile caterers to showcase their brands in an intimate and special way as well as diversifying their target sector.

event catering, commercial BBQ

A Trailblazer BBQ catering at a corporate party. No pitch fees, no electric costs.

Vehicle options

StreetDots is trying to make it cheap and easy for people to create small businesses. Restaurateurs across the globe as reinventing themselves by purchasing and kitting out fleets of branded food trucks. We want everyone – big or small to be able to use our platform to either launch and establish themselves, or to reinvent an existing brand. Traders with one vehicle can now use other modes of transport ie. a bicycle to sell additional products in alternative locations.


The Trailblazer 600s commercial street food BBQ

It is great to see that Street Dots strive to provide the best opportunities to help encourage caterers hit the roads and blaze their own trail! Is it time that you strongly considered taking a leap towards street food trading or swapping your brick and mortar for something more mobile?

600s Grillmaster features

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