The ultimate addition to any outdoor kitchen or restaurant

The beautifully hand-crafted V200 by Trailblazer BBQ would be the ultimate centerpiece of any back garden or outdoor kitchen. When it comes to the actual cooking, this freestanding smoker offers an immense 200L smoking chamber, segmented by 8 removable racks to allow for maximum use of space.

Specifically designed for maximum efficiency, this fully insulated smoker can run for up 18 hours on a single load of charcoal/briquettes.

  • 8 removable racks – holds 700 chicken wings
  • Mazed firebox design – up to 18hrs burn time per load
  • Fully insulated smoker – highly efficient throughout all weather conditions
  • Industrial, lockable castors – easy maneuverability across all  terrain
  • Underneath storage – keep all your BBQ gear in one place
  • Lockable door – keeps produce tamper-proof
  • Collapsable side table – an ideal prep area
  • Vertical design – taking up minimal space

“The best insulation on a smoker I have ever worked with. I shut the cooker down after 12hrs and it still had just under half the charcoal left! Efficient, consistent & easy to use. The Trailblazer guys have a real winner on their hands here!” Michael Smyth – Smokin Yankees Belfast