Our high grade screened South African restaurant grade charcoal is quite simply revolutionary and outperforms any other catering grade charcoal on the market.

Each 12kg weather resistant bag contains extremely clean and well graded wattle made purely from eucalyptus wood that suits the Trailblazer range like a glove! We have had our Trailblazer 600s lit and ready to cook on in 10 minutes using this product.

  • Authorised for use in a smoke control areas
  • Made from a sustainable renewable source.
  • Leaves minimal ash residue allowing for effortless cleaning and replenishment
  • Less water content meaning little spark or spit
  • Purely eucalyptus wood meaning no unpleasant flames
  • Long, even and consistent burn
  • No additives giving authentic grilled food flavour

Don’t waste your time with cheap alternatives! Available for year-long delivery directly to your doorstep.

Available to purchase in FULL PALLET 40 bags or HALF PALLET 20 bags loads.  (SINGLE 12kg bags available for collection only).