The 600 Streetmaster BBQ Smoker & Grill Trailer

£8,394.00 (£6,995.00 +VAT)

4-in-1 Charcoal Grill Trailer With Integrated BBQ Smoker

Designed to be the ultimate street food trailer, this BBQ smoker is incredibly versatile and boasts huge cooking capabilities, including the ability to grill, smoke, roast and bake pizza.

All within just one compact three-meter trailer that requires absolutely no additional license to legally tow across the UK or Europe.

At a sixth of the price of any food truck, the 600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker aims to bring a much-needed new dynamic to the street food industry at a very affordable price. Attractive finance packages are also available, allowing the ability to spread the cost over two, three, or four years letting your Trailblazer pay for itself as you cook.

  • Designed and built in Ireland
  • 600BPH (burger per hour) charcoal grill
  • Fully adjustable grill heights
  • Upper warming shelf
  • Front and side drop-down tables
  • 8-rack vertical BBQ smoker
  • Iconic gullwing doors
  • Ash scraper and removable collection box
  • 10-inch five-spoke alloy wheels
  • European whole vehicle type approval




Boasting Incredible Innovation…

This commercial charcoal BBQ is unrivalled in the marketplace and here’s why…

Adjustable grill heights giving instant heat control

Large 600 BPH (Burgers Per Hour) grill with adjustable grill heights giving easy access for charcoal replenishment and instant heat control from searing hot, to slow cooking. Don’t fight against flare ups – simply lower & raise as you please throughout the cooking process.

fire tunnel on bbq for pizza

Fire Tunnel for baking pizza, roasting veg or melting cheese

Giving the ability to cook pizza in under just 3 minutes, the Trailblazer Fire Tunnel can also be used as a roasting oven or melting dome, giving huge flexibility and menu diversification. (Fire stone not included.)

bbq smoker trailer - smoker door open

Fully insulated vertical smoker

Fully insulated vertical smoker with designated firebox and ash collection tray, eight rack chamber offering a huge 200L smoking capability make this the ultimate street food trailer. Removable stainless steel grills allow for more spacing between racks. See smoker features below.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with iconic stainless steel gull wing doors

Iconic stainless steel gull wing doors

Iconic stainless steel gull wing doors with multiple fixing positions offering excellent weather protection to chefs and double sided cooking. When closed, doors will keep everything inside hot, safe & contained.

front tables on bbq trailer

Front & side stainless steel drop-down tables

Hygienic and stylish stainless steel drop-down tables allow plenty of room for side dishes, food preparation or setting out dressings. Tables fold down for compact storage and transport.

roof vents on towable BBQ

Vortex air vents to maximise airflow & ventilation

Manage your cooking airflow for low and slow or indirect cooking or high speed grilling using the Vortex adjustable air vents on top of the 600 Streetmaster. Hot air draws the smoke up and out under your control.

charcoal clean out

Ash scraper & collections box for clean out

Ash scrapper and collection box allowing for hassle free clean out. Simply pull the scrapper bar to gather charcoal into the removable ash box. With our premium grade lumpwood charcoal, ash will be minimal.

Reinforced firebox with three cooking bays

Built for ‘zone cooking’, our reinforced firebox comes with three cooking bays to allow for multiple chefs and direct or indirect heat zones you may need e.g. searing, grilling, resting.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with rainwater drip tray gulley

Fitted rain gullies giving rainwater protection

Rain gullies are fitted to catch and guide rainwater away from grill area so even with the doors wide open in a passing shower, you won’t get spitting and hissing grills.

Heavy duty jockey wheel & rear prop stand

The heavy duty jockey wheel enables you to easily manoeuvre your 600 Streetmaster street food trailer across any terrain. The rear prop stand make it easy to set and maintain a level and steady cooking surface.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with 10" alloy wheels

10 inch five spoke alloy wheels

Upgraded 10 inch five spoke alloy wheels with high profile tyres may not get you there any quicker, but they are stronger and simply look great as you travel and park up at your next event location.

Stainless steel upper warming shelf

This offers the perfect way to store warm cooked foods so you can prep ahead of the rush, or simply make it easy to serve tasty hot food every time. You are in full control of your cook.

European whole vehicle type approval

European whole vehicle type approval means that you require absolutely no additional license to legally tow this three metre street food trailer across the UK or Europe. Equipped with full integrated trailer lighting system.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes galvanised and powder coated stainless steel

Full stainless steel interior with galvanised & powder coated exterior

Every Trailblazer is made with a full stainless steel interior and a galvanised then powder coated exterior to ensure there is no corrosive rust and your 600 Streetmaster looks immaculate wherever you go.

Trailblazer BBQs: used by catering industry professionals all over the world.


bbq smoker fire box minion maze

Designated ‘minion maze’ firebox for maximum efficiency

Our ‘minion maze’ is designed for maximum fuel efficiency with a single load of our recommended fuel, Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes, giving up to 18hr burn time at extremely high temperatures.

smoker vents

Lower & upper adjustable air vents for precision control

Our BBQ smoker comes with top & bottom vents for maximum temperature control and air flow letting you carefully manage perfect smoking. You can simply taste the difference – more flavour, more taste.

bbq smoker trailer - 8 racks

Eight removable oven shelf racks

With an ample 200L vertical smoking chamber and eight removable stainless steel oven shelf racks you get more spacing between racks to let the the trapped smoke to do its magic.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with water tray and drip tray

Supplied water tray / drip tray with multiple height settings

Every 600 Streetmaster is supplied with a water tray / drip trap with multiple height settings to keep your smoke at the right humidity and your food tender whilst catching sauce and glaze drips.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with smoker chimney hood cowl

Chimney hood for weather protection

When the weather is inclement, your precious smoke needs all the protection it can get. The chimney hood on the smoke stack is designed to give you full control over the air vent and unwanted water ingress.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with dual thermometers

Twin thermometers for accurate temperature readings

Need to check the temperature at the top and bottom of our commercial BBQ smoker? Twin thermometers built in to the smoker door will tell you all you need to know to manage your smoking.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with lockable door handles for bbq smoker

Lockable handles for tamperproof long cooks

When your commercial BBQ smoker is working its magic on long cooks you can ensure no one will tamper with the burn or release smoke and temperature early with secure locakable handles.

600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker comes with silicone smoker door seal

Silicone seal for airtight environment

Every commercial BBQ smoker needs an airtight environment to contain and manage heat and airflow and the 600 Streetmaster is no exception. A strong silicone seal keeps heat and air trapped to give that perfect smoked taste.


Our customers love us

And we love them right back!

“The best insulation on a smoker I have ever worked with. I shut the cooker down after 12 hours and it still had jus under half the charcoal left! Efficient, consistent, and easy to use. The Trailblazer guys have a real winner on their hands here!”
Michael Duffy, Smokin Yankees BBQ Belfast

“Two weeks and the 600 Streetmaster has more than paid for itself. I now have 27 jobs booked in. Absolutely blown away and ridiculously easy to use.”
Russell Price, Café2U Belast

“The guys at Trailblazer have been super building the smoker onto the back of the 600 Streetmaster… it’s been a great learning curve for all of us with the end result turning out to be a great piece of kit. The BBQ smoker is super-efficient – she can hold good smoking temperature for sustained periods of time on a small amount of coal… The team at Saucy Pig BBQ would definitely recommend and our customers will tell you the taste speaks for itself… good luck and thanks Lester & Lex.”
Barry Close, Saucy Pig BBQ

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