Overhead, Removable Sign

£162.50 (£195.00 inc VAT)

The All-New Removable, Overhead Sign.

Standing a whopping 3 meters from ground level, this accessory offers great branding opportunities and visibility for your mobile catering business.

Available for 600s and 1200 models.

600s – £195 + vat (not including banner) 

1200 – £380 + vat (not including banner) 


This detachable, retrofit accessory is now available for ALL 600s and 1200 models. 
Standing a whopping 3m off the ground, this striking accessory will ensure you draw attention from the crowds!
We have designed this accessory in a way that allows a retrofit installation to your existing Trailblazer BBQ.
This removable sign consists of a stainless steel frame that can be detached, collapsed and fixed for transportation in a matter of moments.
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