Alfresco 140 Stainless Steel Luxury Charcoal Grill BBQ

£1,500.00 (£1,250.00 +VAT)

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Finally, a professional-quality BBQ grill for the home enthusiast or smaller commercial establishment.

Beautifully hand-crafted with mirrored stainless steel and powder-coated galvanised steel, the Alfresco 140 is built to the same standard with the same level of innovation as our industry-leading commercial BBQ trailers.

  • Lower two tier warming compartment
  • Adjustable charcoal grill
  • Tampered glass windows
  • Large, collapsable stainless work tables
  • Charcoal dividers and ash scoop

This really is the best home charcoal BBQ on the market.

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What’s not to love…

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Revolutionise Your Alfresco Entertaining

luxury home charcoal bbq


Our adjustable height grill will save your bacon! Don’t fight against flare ups – raise your grill to instantly control temperature and searing speed.

Also allows easy access for fueling & lighting your grill. Simple, instant, effortless.


We think the grill area is for grilling. The lower warming oven offers the perfect compartment to keep cooked foods warm or melt cheese over your gourmet burgers. Ideal for a family lining up for seconds.

home charcoal bbq with built in warming compartment
glass BBQ windows


Glass viewing windows allow natural light to illuminate the grill – even when doors are closed. Keep an eye on your grill whilst motioring the built-in thermometer. Ideal for low & slow cooks.


Lockable industrial castors and built-in pulling mechanism allows for effortless mobility across any terrain. In fact, take your grill for a walk if you like… even when lit! Ideal for chasing the sunlight around your garden.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill pully handle and built in hook
Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill large double door storage


No more hunting for your tools, the large 48 litre built-in storage compartment comes with stainless steel double doors. It’s the perfect place to keep all your BBQ gear in one place, allowing to keep your garage clutter free.


Keep your utensils at arms reach, even when the heat is on. Front, back, left or right, always have them to hand for you and your family BBQ tag team.

The Alfresco 140 comes with eight built-in utensil holders & four cloth holders.

builtin bbq tool holder
charcoal dividers for cooking stations


Zone cooking couldn’t be easier – manage the amount of direct or indirect heat you require. Our supplied firebox dividers allow for searing stations that simply aren’t achievable by gas. Create up to three cooking bays – searing, grilling, and resting. And when it’s done, the dividers double as ash scoops to make cleaning out a breeze.

Specifications & dimensions

Front dimensions (mm)

Side dimensions (mm)

  • Length (including both side tables): 1,806mm
  • Height (with doors closed): 1,225mm
  • Width (including front and back work surfaces): 919mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Grill surface size: 760mm x 480mm
  • Warming/melting compartment size: L 500mm H 180mm W 620mm (55 litre)
  • Storage compartment size: L 365mm x H 290mm x W 450mm x (48 litre)

User manual

View the Alfresco 140’s user manual

Alfresco 140 User Manual

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Lets an amateur grill more like a pro, and a pro’s life a lot more fun!

Why this is a revolution in home grilling

Lovingly designed and built in our N Ireland factory, Trailblazer BBQ’s Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal BBQ has been beautifully hand-crafted to make outdoor living pleasurable and fun for the even the most dedicated home cook.

With its large stainless steel grilling area – capable of outputting up to 140 burgers per hour – it makes cooking for large gatherings a breeze. Its unique adjustable height grill and clever heat control system enables you to BBQ like a pro (and never burn a burger again!)

Built in glass viewing windows on Trailblazer’s iconic gull-wing doors with multiple fixing positions features a handy temperature gauge. Ideal for low and slow cooking. Keep a close check your temperature critical grilled meats and longer cooks when the doors are closed using out self sealing temperature probe vent to run probe wires from them to your monitor on the outside.

The Alfresco 140’s built-in lower warming oven / melting compartment is conveniently away from the grilling surface and gives you the flexibility to manage your catering with precision and flair. Keep your cooked food warm while you finish the final items in your spread and even melt delicious cheese over your burgers for that special touch.

Use the four large polished staniless steel work surfaces to prepare and tend your dishes and dressings, rubs, and sauces before, during and after cooking. You can even remove two of them for compact storage with your Alfresco 140.

Never hunt for your BBQ gear again. Keep it all in one handy place with Alfresco 140’s built-in stainless steel double door 25 litre storage compartment.

Designed to be used in all weather conditions, it has lockable heavy-duty industrial castors lets you effortlessly manoeuvre across all kinds of terrain. CoolTouch™️ side panels and handle means you can turn it effortlessly to shelter from the elements whilst never burning your hands or having to wear heatproof gloves.

Eight built-in tool holders keep utensils at arm’s length to keep your cooking easy and efficient. We even included four towel or cloth holders to keep your work surfaces clean and tidy when the heat is on.

When you’re finished, keep all your BBQ gear in one place in the large built-in storage cupboard. And the built-in towing hook and towing rod make it a breeze to pulll your charcoal grill in to any position you require.

Want gas? You might as well turn the oven on.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 115 × 72 × 123 cm

Large stainless steel charcoal BBQ trailer

3 reviews for Alfresco 140 Stainless Steel Luxury Charcoal Grill BBQ

  1. Tom Bell

    The Trailblazer Alfresco 140 is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics of the BBQ, the build quality and materials used are second to none. The Alfresco has changed how we entertain and socialise. The Alfresco is very much centre of attention at any family gathering and inevitably the med congregate around the BBQ. I am learning new grilling techniques and am now experimenting with different charcoals and heat box setups, which is very interesting and enjoyable. Currently, I am using Binchotan Charcoal which is a joy.

    The customer service I have received from Trailblazer is 100% and nothing can be too much trouble for the team. I am really looking forward to them designing and manufacturing a Fire Tunnel for the 140 so that I don’t have to waste my money on an Ooni.

    Overall a fantastic well designed and manufactured product. Do not hesitate to buy one, you’ll not regret it. PLUS… you’ll be supporting a local family business.

  2. Jo Logan

    We are delighted with our Trailblazer BBQ. The photographs do not do it justice as the actual BBQ is very well made and looks amazing. We had all our questions answered during our very informative handover and are looking forward to many great BBQs in the years ahead! Would highly recommend Trailblazer if you’re looking for a quality product delivered with great service and professionalism.

  3. Darryl Collins

    I am absolutely delighted with my Alfresco 120 BBQ acquired during lockdown in 2020. The Trailblazer team were so easy to talk to, giving lots of great advice and so helpful. The build quality of the product is first class – they use stainless steel throughout that is easy to maintain and clean with no unsightly rust. It’s a very sturdy grill and the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface makes a world of difference. With the high level warming self and the ability to close the gull wing doors to make it more like a BBQ oven, it’s given me so many new options for my cooking. The large removable preparation shelves on the sides means I no longer have to use a separate table or platform – no more dropped sausages hopefully! Cleaning the firebox is so easy now – just use the built in scraper to scoop the ashes into the attached ashes drawer for easy disposal. I’ve had mine since last summer and left it outside without a cover all winter (don’t judge me!) – half an hour’s cleaning with warm soapy water and it’s like new again. Really, this machine is a revelation – built to use, built to last. Bravo Trailblazer. This is the BBQ against which all other prosumer charcoal BBQs should be judged. (Full disclosure – I liked the company and its products so much I joined the team to manage their website. But I stand her every word of the above review!)

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