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Barbecuing is a way of life, a passion, a calling. Whether you are a BBQ master with years of experience, a home cook that takes pride in home grilled fare, or an beginner wanting to hone your skills and learn new techniques, you’ve come to the right place. We have charcoal grills for all levels and budgets. At Trailblazer we talk fluent BBQ so come talk with us.

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  • Commercial bbq, Towable grill
    Barbecuing for large Groups? The Trailblazer 600s GRILLMASTER towable BBQ has got it all. As our flag ship model, the Trailblazer 600s GRILLMASTER BBQ is changing the way outdoor grilling for large groups is approached. Bringing incredible simplicity, huge power, infinite temperature control, ease of transportation, pure theatre, business growth, thriving in all weathers and all seasons and a whole lot of fun, the 600s is simply in a league of its own. Unmatched in the marketplace the 600s has got it all! View our brochure:
  • Commercial bbq, Towable grill

    350 Club Charcoal Grill BBQ Trailer

    £3,245.00 (£3,894.00 inc VAT)
    Barbecuing for medium to large groups the TRAILBLAZER 350 CLUB is the perfect match. The Trailblazer 350 CLUB towable BBQ was added to the range as a response from the market for a smaller more compact unit that performs exactly like its big brothers. Beautifully styled and with a capacity of 350 BPH (burgers per hour) the Trailblazer 350 CLUB towable BBQ is an excellent option where the size and capacity of the 600s isn’t required. The Trailblazer 350 CLUB is also available in a mobile version with high quality inflatable tyre castors where towing on the road isn’t required but where easy movement around your grounds is. View our brochure:
  • The 1200 Festival is specifically designed for large and very large events where large numbers of people need to be catered for including major sporting events, music festivals and other large community events.

    Alternatively, if you need to cook high quality cuts of meat and serve everyone at the same time such as at a wedding reception or VIP hospitality, the 1200 FESTIVAL is able to cook up to 96 steaks at the same time. With the split grill structure you are also able to have variable temperatures at the same time providing huge levels of control over your grilling. Get a rapid return on your investment - the more it is in action, the more it will grow your business with new enquiries and bookings. View our brochure:
  • With grilling powers of up to 600BPH (Burgers Per Hour), dual basket fryer & 100L of hot storage this BBQ trailer offers the full package. The Trailblazer Food Truck Trailer is for the serious caterer who needs huge levels of flexibility and output capabilities from just one mobile unit.
  • BBQ smoker - vertical smoker bbq smoker open

    VS200 Freestanding Vertical Smoker

    £1,375.00 (£1,650.00 inc VAT)

    The ideal addition to any outdoor kitchen or restaurant

    A beautifully handcrafted vertical BBQ smoker that has been specifically designed for maximum efficiency whilst requiring minimum room. The ideal accessory to any outdoor kitchen, back garden, or as additional capacity in commercial settings. The V200 by Trailblazer BBQ would be the ultimate centerpiece of any back garden or outdoor kitchen. When it comes to the actual cooking, this freestanding smoker offers an immense 200L smoking chamber, segmented by 8 removable racks to allow for maximum use of space. Specifically designed for maximum efficiency, this fully insulated smoker can run for up 18 hours on a single load of charcoal/briquettes.

    "The best insulation on a smoker I have ever worked with. I shut the cooker down after 12hrs and it still had just under half the charcoal left! Efficient, consistent & easy to use. The Trailblazer guys have a real winner on their hands here!" Michael Smyth - Smokin Yankees Belfast

  • 4-in-1 Charcoal Grill Trailer With Integrated BBQ Smoker Designed to be the ultimate street food trailer, the 600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker is incredibly versatile, boasting huge cooking capabilities, including the ability to grill, smoke, roast and bake pizza. All within just one compact three metre trailer that requires absolutely no additional license to legally tow across the UK or Europe. At a sixth of the price of any food truck, the 600 Streetmaster commercial BBQ smoker aims to bring a much-needed new dynamic to the street food industry at a very affordable price. Attractive finance packages are also available, allowing the ability to spread the cost over two, three or four years letting your Trailblazer pay for itself as you cook. THE ULTIMATE COMMERCIAL BBQ SMOKER & CHARCOAL GRILLING STREET FOOD TRAILER
  • bbq finance, bbq equipment finance home charcoal BBQ in red

    120 Mini Charcoal Grill BBQ Trailer

    £1,195.00 (£1,434.00 inc VAT)


    The ultimate luxury car accessory

    The 120 MINI will tow anywhere on or off-road without the inconvenience of having to pack and unpack the BBQ. Just Hook It ‘n’ Cook It to enjoy the very best of BBQ/Grilling. With its adjustable height cooking surface, large cooking surface and built in warming shelf the Trailblazer 120 MINI is guaranteed to give an outdoor cooking experience your guests won’t forget. If you want to get family and friends out and about the whole year round the Trailblazer 120 MINI towable BBQ provides cooking in style with a capacity of 120 BPH (Burgers Per Hour). It is able to cook for a whole family. Available in 4 different colours to suit your individual taste - Retro Cream, Anthracite, Jet Red, and Black.

    "Hi Lester, you won’t believe me but both – yes BOTH Trailblazers – are paid for and we have been in profit since about 4 o’clock this afternoon. Both paid for in three & a half days is not bad at all. The two machines are superb!" Andrew Gedge – Waters Edge Leisure, Belfast

  • luxury BQ/Grill - Alfresco 140 studio shot large bbq for luxury grilling - The Alfresco 140

    Alfresco 140 Stainless Steel Luxury Charcoal Grill BBQ

    £1,195.00 (£1,434.00 inc VAT)

    Revolutionise your charcoal grilling

    Based on the superb Alfresco 120, this new & improved model has completely revolutionised charcoal grilling for the home enthusiast or small commercial setting. Undoubtedly, one of our most impressive BBQ designs to date, the Alfresco 140 brings a wealth of innovative features and benefits. Don't miss out, order today and upgrade your home offerings for a year full of alfresco entertaining!

    "The Trailblazer Alfresco 140 is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics of the BBQ, the build quality and materials used are second to none. The Alfresco has changed how we entertain and socialise. The Alfresco is very much centre of attention at any family gathering and inevitably the med congregate around the BBQ." Tom Bell, Bangor

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