120 Mini Charcoal Grill BBQ Trailer

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The ultimate luxury car accessory

The 120 MINI will tow anywhere on or off-road without the inconvenience of having to pack and unpack the BBQ. Just Hook It ‘n’ Cook It to enjoy the very best of BBQ/Grilling. With its adjustable height cooking surface, large cooking surface and built in warming shelf the Trailblazer 120 MINI is guaranteed to give an outdoor cooking experience your guests won’t forget.

If you want to get family and friends out and about the whole year round the Trailblazer 120 MINI towable BBQ provides cooking in style with a capacity of 120 BPH (Burgers Per Hour). It is able to cook for a whole family. Available in 4 different colours to suit your individual taste – Retro Cream, Anthracite, Jet Red, and Black.

“Hi Lester, you won’t believe me but both – yes BOTH Trailblazers – are paid for and we have been in profit since about 4 o’clock this afternoon. Both paid for in three & a half days is not bad at all. The two machines are superb!” Andrew Gedge – Waters Edge Leisure, Belfast

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Trailblazer’s 120 MINI towable BBQ’s unique cooking characteristics:

  • Instant heat control – from searing hot to slow cooking in seconds
  • 120 burgers per hour grill capacity – perfect for larger families
  • Dropdown front & rear stainless steel tables
  • Integrated ash scraper & collection box for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Upper warming area for holding cooked foodsIntegrated lighting for towing & transport

Key features of the Trailblazer 120 MINI :

  • Big capacity with a compact footprint
  • Instant adjustment of cooking surface
  • Optional front and back drop down tables
  • Fully adjustable cooking surface and warming shelf
  • Optional range of clip on tool accessories
  • Immense heat, not achievable with gas
  • Huge cooking surface for up to 24 burgers at a time
  • Instantly controllable temperature from searing hot, to slow cooking. Never again will you be fighting off the flames and burning those burgers or waiting all day with a gas BBQ when the wind picks up!
  • All stainless steel on internal surfaces
  • Angle adjustment for uneven ground
  • Gull wing doors to close off the BBQ grill with protection from the weather
  • Easy clean out and disposal of ash

1 review for 120 Mini Charcoal Grill BBQ Trailer

  1. Chris

    The Mini 120 is a well thought out, professionally built BBQ with an eye catching design and customer service from Trailblazer was excellent. I’ve owned mine for nearly a year and have used it for BBQ’s with friends and family and even for small events.

    I really enjoy hosting. There is just something about bringing people together over food. It allows people to connect with each other and the Mini really helps to facilitate that. The main things I like about it are:

    1. You can take it anywhere (beach, forest, park, events etc.) which let’s you host in new environments. I hadn’t towed a trailer before so was a bit nervous, but it’s easy – just don’t forget it’s there!
    2. Raiseable grill is a big help when searing/cooking steaks
    3. The tables provide the space you need to prepare your food and give you space to work
    4. Gull wing doors provide easy access to the food. It allows two people to do the cooking – very helpful when there’s more mouths to feed
    5. Removable grill allows you to do some dirty cooking or use a wok
    6. Firebox scraper makes light work of collecting ash for disposal. Only when I had to use a regular charcoal BBQ at a friend’s house did I really appreciate this!

    The only issue I had with the BBQ is when one of the clips that holds one of the tables broke. Not sure whether this was me using it improperly/too much force or a faulty clip but regardless this was promptly replaced free of charge by Trailblazer.

    Aside from this minor issue, the build quality is excellent and to a much higher standard than your normal domestic BBQ. I’ve traditionally used gas BBQ’s from the top brands but I’m glad that I’ve bought this Trailblazer Mini and moved on to charcoal.

    In short, this is a great BBQ. If you know you are never going to host or cater for an event away from your home, then get the Alfresco. However I personally am glad I got the towable version. I love being able to have a BBQ anywhere and it’s great for small events. Either way, you’ll be wanting to have friends and family round a lot more often!

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