Trailblazer Coffeemaster 400
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The Trailblazer BBQ Prep ‘n’ Store Kit gives you instant flexibility to convert your 1200 Festival into a 600 BPH grill and a full 4 station food preparation and cold storage work area delivering huge capability and flexibility for your outdoor catering business.

This accessory takes no longer than 15 minutes to convert and can be converted back to a fully bespoke food trailer at any time, allowing for continual adaptations within just one iconic unit!

Removable stainless steel main work top and upper work top

Lower storage area which can hold 2x 70l cold storage boxes accessible by quick raising mechanism of the worktop

conversion kit BBQ accessory

Plenty of room for additional storage including hand wash, paper towels tools and utensils

Removable tool & utensil storage box


1. Remove ash box

2. Remove quick release fire box pins

3. Slide out fire box

4. Insert removable floor parts

5. Fix down floor with 4 tie down hooks

6. Set in 2 main stainless steel removable worktops

7. Set in top work top

The Prep ‘n’ Store Kit allows for countless catering possibilities within one compact unit. Whether you want to turn your Trailblazer BBQ into a liquor bar, salad bar, coffee stand, confectionary stall or prep and cold storage area…. Now You Can!

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