There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic has touched every part of society. Leaving many of us surrounded by continual obstacles and uncertainty.

A time when it would be so easy to pack up and call it a day. Many people will know exactly how this feels, including recent Trailblazer BBQ owners Paisley Flour Catering.


BBQ trailer outside paisley flour

Paisley Flour Catering is a bespoke outdoor catering company based in the beautiful Georgian riverside town of Bewdley, England.

Like the majority of businesses within the food industry, Paisley Flour has had to stomach a pretty upsetting year.

“It’s been really up and down! We have lost every wedding booking this year along with other private gigs. It has been really hard & there have been many times when I just didn’t know what way to turn.”

Despite all this, Emma & the Paisley team have shown great resilience, creativity & forward-thinking as they continue to think outside the box, determined to overcome the many barriers of which the hospitality industry is currently facing.

“Thankfully we have 40 weddings booked in for next year, although I am still slightly fearful in-case Coronavirus wipes these out too. I’m just really hoping that next year goes mental for the outdoor catering scene.”

As part of Paisley Flour’s efforts to remain trading throughout the current climate, Emma & the team have introduced a Trailblazer BBQ to their arsenal and focused their attention on launching several pop-up dining events as they restructure the business model.

“It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of kit to work with & our Chef, Rich really loves it!”

commercial bbq trailer - trailblazer bbq

Rich is no stranger to Paisley Flour. Having previously owned a business next door, he frequently lent a helping hand to Emma throughout some wedding bookings and larger events.

After selling his neighbouring business, Rich joined the Paisley team as a full-time staff member in September, taking on the role of Executive Chef. Much to his delight, he was then handed the Trailblazer as it became his newly found toy!

“I had no real experience in cooking over live fire, so I was given the Trailblazer and left to play about with it for a while. I genuinely love it!

I am really enjoying cooking over live coals, obviously, I am still learning all the time, playing about with charcoal stacking, etc but already I just have so many ideas for the Trailblazer and the menu offerings we can provide with it.”

cooking over coals

“Believe it or not, it’s actually been out a lot since lockdown. We have used it far more since June than our existing, mobile pizza oven.

Everything about the Trailblazer is so well thought through! As a chef it has everything to make service as easy as possible.

Besides the amazing cooking capabilities, from our point of view, the sheer theatre of it is a massive bonus. People love it! It’s a real beasty looking BBQ. We were cooking some tomahawk steaks a few weeks ago at a venue and it was just a beautiful sight!

The flames licking round the grill, lifting the tomahawks & resting them on the top shelf. People were just stopping and staring at the grill with hungry eyes.”

Trailblazer becomes the three-course work horse!

“We have it out every Saturday at the minute and we are trying to cook everything on it rather than just the standard ‘British BBQ’ stereotypes. So far, we are using it for starters, main courses, bread & desserts.

In one of the first events we did, we cooked paella on the Trailblazer. Everything was made from scratch and it was all cooked over the coals. It was unbelievable. This week I’m doing BBQ apple.”

The weather wasn’t on our side last week at the pop-up but again the Trailblazer is so well thought through that the gull-wing doors actually acted like an umbrella and the gullies catch the rainwater, stopping it from hitting the grill.”

Paella on BBQ

Whatever the weather… Now You Can with Trailblazer BBQ

“We are going to push the Trailblazer all year round, focusing on Halloween & Christmas themes.

I just can’t wait to get out and do the weddings but in the meantime, I will have to settle for the weekly pop up events ‘Paisley on Fire.’ I am excited for what the future has in store.”

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