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Congratulations to one of the UK’s largest agricultural wheel and tyre distributors (Brocks Wheel & Tyres) who have received the first ever MediaMaster 300!! We hope them every success for their future ahead.

Are you keen to standout from the crowd and make a noise….literally?

Enter….The MediaMaster 300!

Boasting a 49″ TV & sound system on one side whilst offering output capabilities of 300 BPH (Burgers Per Hour) on the other what’s not to love!!


MediaMaster 300 digital side, boasting a 49" flatscreen TV & sound system. Capable of playing for up to 3 hours of one single power pack charge.

Determined to keep the iconic and theatrical style associated with our Grillmaster range, we decided to use the 600s Grillmaster shell as the foundation for the MediaMaster 300. The MediaMaster 300 therefore carries the majority of the cooking features available on the 600s Grillmaster such as instant cooking control, shelter through the iconic gull wing doors, removable ash box and much more…..

MediaMaster 300 BBQ/Grill side. Ability of cooking 300BPH

There are many uses for the MediaMaster 300, here are just a few….

  • Feed customers sporting addictions – They will never miss a goal again while waiting for food!
  • Cooking demonstrations – Showcase your favourite recipes whilst cooking samples!
  • Create your USP – Offer entertainment where your competitors can’t!
  • Business proposals – Win customers with exciting marketing proposals!
  • Parties & catering – Entertain the party whilst serving the tastiest burgers in town!

We have a Trailblazer suitable for your specific needs, and if we don’t set us the objective. We are willing to take on a challenge to ensure Trailblazer brings the most to your organisation!

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