Testimonials from Trailblazer BBQ Owners and Caterers.

Trailblazer BBQ 5 star reviews and testimonials

Five star customer reviews

Hear first hand from the experts what they think of our fantastic towable barbecue trailers.

It’s a whole business to itself, it’s absolutely flying!

“I honestly didn’t realise how good it was going to be. I thought the Trailblazer would just be an addition to my existing catering business. It’s a whole business to itself, it’s absolutely flying. I have eight BBQs booked in this Saturday!”

Anthony Byrne, Owner – AB Catering (600s)

The best investment I’ve made by far for my catering company.

“Just to let you know, the BBQ is proving to be the best investment I’ve made by far for my catering company. I am inundated with people getting in touch and I’ve actually had to do something I have never done before – tell people I’m booked out. So it’s safe to say I’ll be investing more of my money into another BBQ. To tell you the truth I’m actually blown away by the level of interest for a BBQ – it’s way past my expectations plus it does its own advertising. It draws in the crowds. So thank you and the team for a super job on the build and sales of the brilliant Trailblazer.”

Terry Byrne, Owner –  (350 Club)

What a magnificent piece of engineering. You guys have thought of everything.

“Bought this BBQ Trailer just before lockdown. Managed to get to use it before total lockdown. Oh my, it has done everything it said on the tin and more. Great head-turner, tows well, performs brilliantly. It’s a pleasure to turn up at events and hold my head high. What a magnificent piece of engineering. You guys have thought of everything.”

Steven Harrid – Simply Tastymk (600S Grillmaster)

We have already lifted £25,000 in 6 weeks using the Trailblazer!

“We have been using our Trailblazer BBQ 350 Club for about 6 weeks now and have already lifted £25,000! The best we have made in a day is £1,500 and that’s the machine only in second gear. Our chef enjoys cooking on the Trailblazer and finds it easy to control the heat. The mobility is also great as we were able to tow it to a different location within our grounds for a specific event.”

Sam Mason – National Lake District (350 Club)

One year on and I am ready for Trailblazer No. 2!

“Undoubtedly Trailblazer has added great value to my business, so much so that I am now ready for Trailblazer No.2 as my business continues to rapidly grow. As soon as we introduced the Trailblazer in Cork, people were very impressed. We found demand quickly grew as word got about.”

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Jack Delaney – The Flaming Cook (120 & 600s Grillmaster)

What I take an hour is mind-blowing!

“The Trailblazer really has changed my life. From the number of portions I can get through in such a quick matter of time, the machines theatre, drawing crowds of punters, the ease of transportation and use. Not to mention the pound notes it generates. What I take an hour is mind blowing!”

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Andy Olive – Appy days Catering (600s Grillmaster)

If everything paid me as well as my Trailblazer I’d be a billionaire!

“Trailblazer BBQ has proved to be a huge money maker for my business. Starting with one Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster, I now have a fleet of three out on the road!”

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Pat Brady – The Kitchen (600s Grillmaster)

We cooked over 500 sausages in 1.5 hours with ease!

“We had the privilege to use the trailblazer 600s at the Ulster rugby game against the Kings from South Africa. We cooked our Hellbent South African sausages on the coals, Trailblazer provided us with, and it worked perfectly. We cooked over 500 sausages in 1.5 hours with ease and will recommend the trailblazer 600s for all events. We wont be using any other BBQ for any of our events. Thanks again for the great service and product.”

Hellbent Sausages – (600s Grillmaster)

The 600s is a Beast!

“It was an absolute pleasure guys, the 600s is a grilling beast!! Not only does it have acres of space but the design is very user friendly and loved all the extras like tables, hooks etc which made hectic service times more efficient.The three cooking bays allow for for varied temperatures and uses! Well designed and ergonomically sound. Look forward to next use!”

Smokin Yankees BBQ – (600s Grillmaster)

An unmatched grilling experience, an amazing machine!

“Having spent a lot of money on gas BBQ’s over the years at the K Club we have decided to move to 2 Trailblazer 350 CLUB towable charcoal BBQs giving huge capacity, flexibility, ease of use and an unmatched grilling experience, an amazing machine!”
“As the Host of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open, our trailblazers arrived just in time. Serving some of the most discerning clients from all over the world, our highly skilled chefs and the Trailblazers did it with ease!”

Finbar Higgins, Executive Chef – The K Club (350 Club)

Simply the best piece of kit I have used in a professional judging arena.

“After many years of judging BBQ competitions, Trailblazer’s 600s Grillmaster was simply the best piece of kit I have used in a professional judging arena. The amazing high standard produce that we have been judging at this important butchery skills event lend themselves to this great BBQ.”

“The 600s Grillmaster is professionally made, easy to use and has many features that facilitate good cooking, with my favourite feature being the ability to raise and lower the grill and therefore adjust the heat source as and when necessary in the overall cooking process. Simply said, the Trailblazer 600s is a magnificent BBQ and its no wonder that Trailblazer is the market leader in this sector!”

Sean Owens – All Ireland BBQ Championships Judge (600s Grillmaster)

Amazing to see them for real, so much so we placed an order there & then!

“Just a one hour flight brought us to the Trailblazer factory and showrooms. It was well worthwhile as we were super impressed with the facilities and with the guys there. Having, up to then, only seen the Trailblazers online in Streetzine it was amazing to see them for real. So much so we placed an order there and then.
“We have been using our Trailblazer for just over a month now and are really pleased with its look and performance and are receiving lots of positive comments on the food and look of the unit. It’s a fab unit to work with and were managing to produce some amazing street food that was not possible before.”

Leigh White – Feast (600s Grillmaster)

The response and reviews have been phenomenal

“We recently purchased a Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster with a view of cooking BBQ food for a large Drive-In Movie event in Dublin attracting over 2000 attendees three times a day. The guys at Trailblazer were extremely helpful and guided us to which BBQ would best suit our needs.
The response and reviews were phenomenal. We cooked over 1000 burgers and 500 sausage dogs. Our Facebook page received 5 star reviews. Some customers even bought two burgers! The unit is reliable, well built and very easy to manage, transport and move into place.The customer service from Trailblazer has been amazing. We look forward to our next purchase!”

Barry Clarke – Retro Drive In (600s Grillmaster)

Great service from all the guys at Trailblazer

“I had a great day meeting the guys at the Trailblazer factory, so much so I ordered a 600s. That was only last week and it arrived today. Once unpacked the lights etc were easy to set up and we were soon on our way. Great service from all the guys, Looking forward to being part of the Trailblazer BBQ network.I CAN’T WAIT TO USE IT FOR THE FIRST TIME.”

Kevin Wyper – KW Catering (600s Grillmaster)

2 days stock sold in 5.5hrs!

As always our 1200 festival served us brilliantly hot days and cold she stole the show people love the theatre she brings and the char you can give to the foods is second to non, we only use the trailblazers charcoal it gives us a hot clean burn with very little waste. Our best event by far was in the lovely town of Bury Manchester we started at 10am and by 1530 we had sold an entire two days of stock yes Two days!! @1000 burgers , 50k brisket, 50k pork shoulder and lots of sundries, so much sold we had to get special permission to exit event for the supplier so we had something for the next day, we cooked all night arrived early and after 40minutes the 1200 was ready to go again, we bossed it again and sold out for a second day what can we say, this kit works! New family member on the way but we are already booking out 2020 and looking at another trailer, trailblazer, bring it on!

Anthony Seal – Onfire Catering (600s Grillmaster)

We love the fact that development is always going on

“At French village we were looking for a BBQ that was a little different from our competitors – looking for that ‘unique selling point’. When selecting our new BBQ, we didn’t want the standard catering gas BBQ. We needed something which had a visual impact at our events whilst adding flavour by cooking over open coals.
We took the BBQ out on a test run for 300 guests! As soon as it was hooked up after the event, we had one ordered! We love the fact that development is always going on in the background at Trailblazer BBQ and get excited to know what will be coming next. With events already booking out for the year for our own Trailblazer we have had to book a rental one for a few double bookings this year. Looking forward to the day when we will be buying Trailblazer number 2.”

Jamie Henderson – Catering Manager French Village Catering (Trailblazer 600S)

The 600S is a fantastic piece of kit!

“Hired a 600s for my 50th Birthday to cook Steaks &. burgers for around 80 people. Fantastic piece of kit, this thing could cope with twice the amount that we were cooking for no problem. Lex was first class in explaining the procedure for setting it up & getting started. I’ll definitely be back to hire it again for any other party’s we have. Cheers Guys”

James Hiles – (600s Grillmaster Hire)

Cooking over charcoal really is better

“We at Howlers American Diner, Ballyclare, hired a Trailblazer 600s last year and had a great May Fair. This year however was even better with the improved 600S Grillmaster. It was excellent to have the additional front and side tables – a brilliant idea! We had people coming to us and saying that we produced “the best smell at the Fair”. Cooking over charcoal really is better than anything else. Overall the Fair has been a real success for us. The next thing could be that we will be looking for one of our own.”

Jennifer Howell, Owner – Howlers American Diner (Hire Customer – 600S)


Greatest thing you will ever buy, sold by a top team!

“The Trailblazer has changed my life. Without Lex, Lester & Trailblazer I wouldn’t be able to afford to live the life I am living.”

Andy Olive – Appy Days Catering – (600s Grillmaster)

Wish we had bought one sooner

“Our new trailblazer got its 1st outing last night at the Halloween Spooktacular up here at The Junction. Amazing piece of kit, just wish we’d bought one years ago, very fast and very hot. A pleasure to BBQ with, looking forward to having another go again today at The Park Centre in Belfast for their fireworks display.”

Dave Mateer – Safari Grill – (600s Grillmaster)

High Outputs

“We did a PTA on Friday night. 450 fresh 4oz burgers & 450 hot dogs (sausages pre-cooked) 2 hours, 1 man cooking (the 1 man is clearly a BBQ wizard – that’s me by the way!”

Mark Stone – Foodie Folk – (600s Grillmaster)

People were fascinated when they saw the Trailblazer!

“Last weekend we had our first event with the Trailblazer. What a great success it was. Cooking with the trailblazer was great & very exciting!
It meets all expectations. People were very fascinated when they saw the BBQ trailer!”

Ben Celis – Comeat – (1200 Festival)

The Mini has paid for itself

“My 120 Mini has most definitely paid for itself despite still looking like it has never had a hard days work. A great machine and I am excited to focus more attention to it next year.”

Thomas Smith – Mileburne Charollais Ltd  – (120 Mini)

VIP Irish Open Party

“We availed of the Trailblazer 600S and it was fantastic. Truly great Machine and the fellas (Lex & Lester) could not have been any nicer or more accommodating. Would highly recommend.”

Ron Kerrigan – Ballyliffin hotel  – (600s Grillmaster)

No previous catering experience, to running our own business

“Our Trailblazer has enabled two people to go from having no previous catering experience, to running their own successful BBQ business (Flamin Good BBQ) that regularly caters for thousands of people in one serving.”

Barry Clarke – Flamin Good BBQ – (600s Grillmaster)

People love our Trailblazer!

“People love our Trailblazer! From February to the 7th of October there has been only one weekend that we haven’t been booked out with our Trailblazer BBQ, and that is simply because we were away on holidays. We already have 10 event bookings in the diary for next year.”

Peter Phair – Phair Grylls – (600s Grillmaster)

Great exposure and output capabilities

“I’ve been in the BBQ industry for 10 years, previously using gas barbecues this year I switched to a Trailblazer charcoal BBQ and will never look back! Catered for 1200 people at a Blizzards concert, it was hard work but the profit we made spoke large volumes! Our Trailblazer has brought us great exposure and output capabilities.”

Dick Dooley – Dick Dooley Family Butchers – (350 Club)

Work less, earn more

“Its been nearly a year with the Trailblazer, we have seen an increase in turnover of between 30-40% since using the TB. The increase in turnover has allowed us to trade more efficiently through the week and crucially given us the time off at weekends to spend with our family which was not possible before the TB. So a huge thank you to you and your team, were looking forward to a productive spring/summer with the TB and some quality time with our families.”

Leigh White, 1 year on  – (600s Grillmaster )

Customer compliments every day

“If everything I bought paid me as well as my Trailblazer BBQ I would be a millionaire! There’s not a day when we don’t get a customer compliment from the machine when in use.”

Pat Grady – The Kitchen – (600s Grillmaster)

Two Trailblazers paid for in three and a half days!

“Hi Lester, you won’t believe me but both – yes BOTH Trailblazers – are paid for and we have been in profit since about 4 o’clock this afternoon. Both paid for in three & a half days is not bad at all. The two machines are superb!”

Andrew Gedge – Waters Edge Leisure (600s Grillmaster & 120 Mini)

Best purchase ever!

“I am so busy with my Trailblazer, I need a holiday, 3 wedding bookings in two weeks and a 10,000 people show next week. Best purchase ever! And a great family running Trailblazer. I may have to call over and see your range again!”

Ed Cullen – Cullens Catering (600s Grillmaster)

Well constructed trailer & very good after sales service

“Have had a 600s now for a few weeks. Have catered for private lunches and public street fairs. Very well constructed trailer and very good after sales service. Warren always willing to give helpful advice and best practice to keep you on the right path.”

Conor McCann – Sizzle N Roll (600s Grillmaster)

Best piece of kit I’ve cooked on!

“I rented one to cater for a private wedding and have to say best piece of kit I’ve cooked on! Would highly recommend it, and will definitely be using the 600 model again.”

Craig Beazley – (600s Grillmaster hire)

Extremely versatile and a great attraction

“We fed over 500 people during our exhibition day. The Trailblazer was a huge success, extremely versatile and a great attraction, drawing everyone to see and taste our quality meats at their best.”

Maurice Kettyle – Kettyle Foods (500 Chefs & Foodies)

I am a fan!

“Having used Trailblazer I am a fan!”

Geoff Coulter – Church Fun Day (1000 People)

The Trailblazer was amazing

“The Trailblazer was amazing and it amazed all the MX5 Club members who attended the New Year’s Day BBQ, it could have easily handled many more people.”

Norman McNaught – MX5 Club (50 People)

We can always depend on the Trailblazer to deliver

“When we have our late night barbecues on the beach for over 200, we can always depend on the Trailblazer to deliver, it has never let us down and is so easy to setup and use, in all weather.”

Rowan Watson – Youth Camp, North Coast (150 people)

Revolutionising charcoal barbecuing

“Trailblazer is revolutionising charcoal barbecuing in the UK.”

Richard Agnew – Freelance Chef, UK


“Even the machine itself is mouth-watering.”

Carlos Arguelles Leblanch – Cuban Sandwich Factory

It’s the centre of the party

“Easy to transport & set up. Makes a big group BBQ a pleasure. It’s the centre of the party.”

David McFeters – Church Outing (150 people)

It’s a real show stopper!

“The Trailblazer 600S has been invaluable to my catering business. It is versatile and perfect for large or small events. It is a real show stopper!”

Mark Stone – Foodie Folk, Belfast (Trailblazer 600S)

The meats were cooked to perfection

“First weekend outing with our 600s Trailblazer BBQ was as a great success. Word travelled fast and we left with five provisional bookings. We catered for two events. The first one was for a hundred people at a rugby club and the second was for a wedding BBQ with two hundred people. Being able to raise and lower the grill ensured the meats were cooked to perfection.”

Ed Ledesma – Tipi Adventures Ireland (Trailblazer 600S)

The best decision we ever made

“Thanks for making such a wonderful product. We have gone from carrying 5-6 BBQs about that don’t work & get broke to hooking on the trailblazer turning up at an event and producing top quality food from a top quality BBQ that always steals the show. Buying your 600s is the best decision we ever made!”

Michael McGettigan – Yes Chef Catering (Trailblazer 600S)

Portability and flexibility of the Trailblazer is great

“The portability and flexibility of the Trailblazer is great. It is brilliant to be able to just close the doors at the end of an event and go. The flavours from real charcoal are superb and the smell just draws customers over to us.”

Nigel McFeely – Water’s Edge Leisure, Bangor (Trailblazer 600S and 120 Mini)

The best investment we’ve ever made

“So pleased, probably the best investment we’ve ever made.”

Ed Cullen – Cullen’s Catering, Taunton (Trailblazer 600S)

Very impressed with my Trailblazer BBQ and so are others!

“Very impressed with my Trailblazer BBQ and so are others! Plenty of people have been talking about it and I already have bookings in for more charitable work next year throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh.”

Willie Matheson – (350 Club)

Easy to set up and get away after an event

“The best thing is the ease of setting up and getting away after an event.

David Cheshire – D & D Catering, Telford (Trailblazer 600S)

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