Trailblazer Coffeemaster 400

Coffeemaster Coffee Trailer Range

Meet our very exciting all new Coffeemaster Range, a fully autonomous range of coffee trailers capable of delivering up to 400 cups of Coffee & hot beverages per hour (CPH) based on our 1200 Festival Grillmaster and our 600s Grillmaster models.

The Coffeemaster range is designed to suit all needs, ranging from a simple conversion kit to the fully loaded, all in, Coffeemaster 400.

We can build your next coffee unit, just the way you need it.

All of our units have the same distinct eye catching look and feel and built to the very highest standards. All our trailers are fully certified with European whole vehicle type approval.

The Trailblazer BBQ Coffeemaster Range
Coffeemaster 200

This is our smaller coffee trailer, based on our iconic 600s Grillmaster body where the larger productivity and functionality is not required.

Coffeemaster 400

The Coffeemaster 400 is our top of the range coffee trailer, based on the Grillmaster 1200 Festival, it has just about everything you need to run a coffee business out of a trailer and is towable behind any car or van.

Coffeemaster Combo

Where a combination of facilities are required, we can develop your own combination between a charcoal grilling system, food prep ‘n’ store system and a coffee system.

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1 Closed down.

2 Single sided, coffee shop counter style.

3 Double sided, serve through style, Barista side.

4 Double sided, serve through style, customer side

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Case Study

“Having worked closely with Trailblazer in the development of the Coffeemaster 400, now, having taken delivery, we don’t believe there is anything quite like it on the market. With the unique combination of functionality, ease of use, productivity and quality all wrapped up in its own unique attractive style, the Coffeemaster 400 brings a whole new approach to coffee trailers.”

Murray Robertson, Director, Rapid Relief Team RRT (Coffeemaster 400)

The rapid relief team (RRT) is a global charitable organization with teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, North and South America, the Caribbean, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. RRT offers quality catering assistance to charitable and government organisations confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges, including natural disasters, heart disease, cancer research and the plight of the homeless. Across the globe, they are mobilised and ready to respond where they are needed most. RRT UK have been growing a fleet of 600s Grillmasters and 1200 Festivals with Prep ‘n’ Store kits. They have just taken delivery of the first ever Coffeemaster 400.

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