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Taking Your Trailblazer To New Heights!

Stand above the competition at your next event with Trailblazers latest eye-catching innovation.... The All New - Trailblazer Overhead, Removable Sign Trailblazers latest innovative accessory - The Removable, Overhead Sign. (Available for 600 & 1200 models) This detachable, retrofit accessory is now available for ALL 600s and 1200 models. Standing a whopping 3m off the ground, this striking accessory will ensure you draw attention from the crowds! Simply remove the sign, fold the frame and re-attach to the fixings for safe and easy transportation. This accessory has been designed in a way to allow easy retrofit [...]

Gear Up Your Grillmaster!

A good tradesman doesn't blame his tools...... & you shouldn't either!   It's no secret that every Grillmaster needs his sidekick and for that reason we have developed a range of revolutionary BBQ accessories that will change your grilling game! Whether you are a home BBQ enthusiast or commercial catering expert, explore our accessory range today and significantly enhance your outdoor catering experience. Stainless Steel Griddle This tailor made griddle fits the Trailblazer range like a glove. Fold down lips have been added to act as a catch that will secure the griddle to the grill to ensure it stays stationary [...]

Trailblazer’s New Prep ‘n’ Store Conversion Kit

Effortlessly convert your Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster or 1200 Festival from a BBQ to a Prep 'N' Store area or product display stand in minutes thanks to the Trailblazer conversion kit. The conversion kit, that provides a food prep and store facility can be converted back to a fully bespoke food trailer allowing for continual adaptations. There are many combination options right up to our fully fitted, fully autonomous coffee trailer to ensure you are prepared for any demand or event. With our new Prep ‘n’ Store conversion kit, you can now convert your 1200 FESTIVAL into a 600 BPH [...]

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Trailblazer BBQ Now Selling Bradley Smokers

We are proud to announce that Trailblazer BBQ are now resellers of the superb Bradley Smoker range in the UK and Ireland. This is a great complementary unit to any of our barbeques – it’s simple, reliable, repeatable, efficient, controllable and easy to operate. Another high quality machine. Bradley Smokers can operate unattended for up to nine hours. Digital smokers can be programmed at three levels: smoking time, cooking time and target temperature. FEATURES Electrically Powered: European models are mains powered at 240 Volts. No Assembly: A minute out of the box and you are ready to smoke! Easy Cleaning: Wire racks and [...]

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