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My First Review of the Trailblazer Alfresco 120 Charcoal BBQ

Having been a member of the Trailblazer team for over a year now, I have had the pleasure of seeing and working within many areas of the company. From seeing the Trailblazer range being built from scratch, upgraded, sold, serviced, used and frequently receiving positive customer feedback it didn’t take me long to realise just how unrivalled and superior Trailblazer BBQ is in the marketplace. From day one I had always taken a shine to the Trailblazer range. However at the time, Trailblazer was very much a commercial range and therefore it wasn’t feasible to even think about owning my [...]

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Location Catering and Event Targeting with Trailblazer BBQ

Interested in starting an outside catering business or toying with the idea of adding a mobile catering division or even moving away from your static business and going mobile? With over 2.6bn people consuming street food daily, a 2.3% increase in quick service food stations and food purchases topping consumer spend throughout UK festivals at 35% it's no shock to see the outside mobile catering industry grow in popularity and consumer demand. However before you jump the gun and start profiting on this rewarding industry, ask yourself... 'Where am I going to cater?' Location, Location, Location  Location catering & event targeting [...]

“The All-New Alfresco 120 turned what was a great night into a spectacular one!”

Targeted to be the ultimate BBQ/Grill for the home entertainer and BBQ enthusiast, we were keen to hear feedback and thoughts following a customers birthday party last weekend. ‘Mighty BBQ’, ‘Fantastic food’ 'Spectacular,'  and ‘a night to remember’ were just a few quotes from Paddy's friends and neighbours after a party where the Trailblazer Alfresco 120  'stole the show.'   Thrilled to hear how the Alfresco 120 exceeded Paddy's expectations and as being the first ever Alfresco 120 review, we thought it's only right to share his thoughts with you... 'I always knew Trailblazer was a great product but I can [...]

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Further Afield with Trailblazer BBQ… Now You Can!

It's no secret that we pride ourselves on the mobility of the Trailblazer range, giving individuals the ability to cater anywhere at anytime. Hence the Trailblazer slogan; Just Hook It 'N' Cook It! As many Trailblazer owners find themselves travelling far and wide with their Trailblazer BBQ we have now taken things one step further... ...introducing the Trailblazer Shipping Module! Ship your Trailblazer around the country, from event to event or even further afield with reassurance that your pride & joy will arrive at its destination without any hassle or damage! Eliminate any long haul transportation damages, enjoy hassle free shipping, benefit from additional storage and keep your Trailblazer enclosed [...]

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Visit Trailblazer BBQ at IFEX 2018

IFEX exhibition 20 - 22 March 2018 at Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. Renowned for being the one stop shop for hospitality, food service and retail sectors. This years partnership with Butchery Excellence International brings the addition of [email protected], promising to make the 2018 exhibition more successful than ever! Make sure to visit Trailblazer BBQ on stand K21, where we will be showcasing a range of models, including our 1200 Festival System, 600s Grillmaster & 350 Club along with launching several exciting new innovations! Lester & the Trailblazer team will be on stand to talk through Trailblazers unrivalled features. So make [...]

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Blazing A Trail At The All Ireland BBQ Championships 2017

Throughout this year's All Ireland BBQ Championships, Trailblazer BBQ teamed up with Butchery Excellence International (BEI), sponsoring our flagship 600s Grillmaster to be used as the BBQ of choice throughout the event. Over 250 entries across 90 butcher shops competed head to head on our 600s Grillmaster, grilling a great variety of produce across 12 different categories, including: - 300g prime premium Irish/ N Irish steak (Category 1) 1.5kg piece of pork shoulder (Category 5) BBQ potato, vegetable or salad dish (Category 10) (View all 12 categories) The large grill capacity associated with the Trailblazer BBQ range was just one of the many benefits [...]

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Is it a food truck or a mobile cinema unit?

Leading The Way Through Innovation! Congratulations to one of the UK's largest agricultural wheel and tyre distributors (Brocks Wheel & Tyres) who have received the first ever MediaMaster 300!! We hope them every success for their future ahead. Are you keen to standout from the crowd and make a noise....literally? Enter....The MediaMaster 300! Boasting a 49" TV & sound system on one side whilst offering output capabilities of 300 BPH (Burgers Per Hour) on the other what's not to love!! #NowYouCan Determined to keep the iconic and theatrical style associated with our Grillmaster range, we decided to use the 600s Grillmaster shell [...]

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The Trailblazer BBQ Network

INTRODUCING A WORLD FIRST BBQ HIRE NETWORK....  BE PART OF A UNIQUE BBQ HIRE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY When you purchase a Trailblazer, you have the option of joining the 'Trailblazer Network.' The Trailblazer Network is an online BBQ hire community that allows potential customers to connect with a Trailblazer network member for their next outdoor event. Whether you opt to simply hire your Trailblazer out or choose to offer a full service, the network is there to help you grow and manage your BBQ hire bookings. The UK barbecue market is worth £8bn annually and is expected to continually grow. Research [...]

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Charcoal Fit For A Trailblazer!

Stock up on charcoal supplies for Winter events & Christmas BBQs! A lot of people have been asking... What's the best charcoal for a Trailblazer, where to purchase it and can it be delivered? We now supply premium restaurant charcoal made purely of eucalyptus wood. This charcoal fits our Trailblazer BBQ range like a glove! Very easily lit (We have lit up and ready to cook in 10 minutes on a Trailblazer 600s.) Well sized, good bulk giving a consistent and even burn. Little spark or spit. Authorised for use in smoke control area. Leaves very little ash residue allowing for quick replenishment and easy cleaning. Whether you are cooking on a Trailblazer or [...]

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Trailblazer’s New Prep ‘n’ Store Conversion Kit

Effortlessly convert your Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster or 1200 Festival from a BBQ to a Prep 'N' Store area or product display stand in minutes thanks to the Trailblazer conversion kit. The conversion kit, that provides a food prep and store facility can be converted back to a fully bespoke food trailer allowing for continual adaptations. There are many combination options right up to our fully fitted, fully autonomous coffee trailer to ensure you are prepared for any demand or event. With our new Prep ‘n’ Store conversion kit, you can now convert your 1200 FESTIVAL into a 600 BPH [...]

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