The first large, commercial quality charcoal bbq with adjustable cooking heights for the home BBQ enthusiast.

Our ‘prosumer’ charcoal bbq is built to the very highest standard. Boasting a stainless steel interior with a fully galvanised then powder coated exterior body, giving years of hassle free grilling!

Introducing the all new and exciting Alfresco 120 by Trailblazer BBQ

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The Alfresco 120 offers the ability to instantly control cooking temperatures and grill heights. Giving the very best choice of cooking, varying from extreme searing heat to low temperature grilling in an instant.

Like all of the Trailblazer range, the Alfresco 120 thrives in all-weather conditions. No more keeping your BBQ in a sheltered corner away from the wind, and the party!

Just roll the Alfresco 120 into the middle of the patio and let it be the centrepiece of any party.

Thanks to Trailblazer Restaurant grade charcoal you will be lit and cooking in 10-13 minutes. That’s as fast as gas and a lot more powerful!

What our customers are saying…

“‘Mighty BBQ’, ‘Fantastic food’ ‘Spectacular’,  and ‘a night to remember’ were just a few quotes after my garden party where the Trailblazer Alfresco 120  stole the show.

I knew that this was a great product but it’s actually a magnificent one. It turned what was a great night into a spectacular one. It was so quick and easy to light; the adjustable height made it so easy to control the temperature, cooked fabulous fish and there wasn’t a charred chicken leg or burnt burger in sight!”

Paddy F

“Delighted with my Alfresco 120 so far. Not only has it encouraged me to completely update our garden set up to help compliment the barbecues sleek design however has completely transformed our lifestyle. We are now regularly spending quality family time over a beautifully charred dinner straight from the Alfresco 120! The connivence and ease of maintenance is also very encouraging.”

Tony W

Upgrade your alfresco entertainment with a Trailblazer Alfresco 120 and give your guests a cooking experience they wont forget!

This luxurious BBQ/Grill not only caters for a family of 5 in one sitting, but also caters for your individual taste with its availability in three striking colours- Black, Anthracite or Red.

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