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Alfresco 140 Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill BBQ



Meet the Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill BBQ. Beautifully hand-crafted with mirrored stainless steel and powder coated galvanised steel, the Alfresco comes complete with a large lower warming oven, a height-adjustable grill, large detachable stainless steel work surfaces, and much, much more. It really is the best charcoal grill on the market.

Not only does the all new Alfresco 140 boast the same innovative features as our commercial range that’s trusted & praised by professionals worldwide, the 140 brings, even more, flare & personality. Undoubtedly our greatest creation to date and just in time to revolutionise the huge shift towards Alfresco entertaining.

Finally, a professional-quality BBQ grill for the home/prosumer user.

  • Adjustable grill heights

  • CoolTouch™ side panels

  • Versatile gull-wing doors with built-in temperature gauge

  • Glass viewing windows on both doors

  • Warming oven to store cooked food

  • Adjustable air vents – perfect for indirect cooking

  • ‘Pully’ handle & built-in hook
  • Four large polished stainless steel work surfaces

  • Sealing temperature probe entry point

  • Large 48 litre double door storage compartment

  • Heavy duty lockable industrial castors

  • Built-in cooking utensils & cloth holders

  • Easy manoeuvring handle on gable end

  • Charcoal loading chute / spreader

Our luxury BBQ grill lets an amateur cook like a pro

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill

Now you can!

Our customers love us

And we love them right back!

“We are delighted with our Trailblazer BBQ. The photographs do not do it justice as the actual BBQ is very well made and looks amazing. Would highly recommend Trailblazer if you’re looking for a quality product delivered with great service and professionalism.”
Jo Logan, Owner

“The Trailblazer Alfresco 140 is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics of the BBQ, the build quality and materials used are second to none. The Alfresco has changed how we entertain and socialise. Overall a fantastic well designed and manufactured product.”
Tom Bell, Owner






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The Alfresco 140 lets an amateur grill more like a pro, and a pro’s life a lot more fun. Rain hail or shine the Alfresco will shine in all weather conditions and is sure to steal the show at all outdoor gatherings. This charcoal grill is unrivalled in the marketplace and here’s why…

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill adjustable grill heights

Instant heat control – adjustable grill heights

Our adjustable height grill will save your bacon! Don’t fight against flare ups – raise your grill to instantly control temperature and searing speed. Also allows easy access for fueling & lighting your grill. Simple, instant, effortless.

large bbq - double sided cooking.

Versatile gull-wing doors

No more fighting off family & friends – give them their own cooking station and utensil holders. Our iconic gull-wing doors, with multiple fixing positions, gives double sided cooking with up to four cooks at a time whilst managing airflow and blocking troublesome wind. The weather kind.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill cooltouch side panels and handle

CoolTouch™ side panels

Safe to touch even at high temperatures our CoolTouch side panels are filled with rockwool to ensure cooking heat is retained and you can safely manoeuvre your grill without burning your hands.

Glass viewing windows on both doors with built-in thermometer

Glass viewing windows allow natural light to illuminate the grill – even when doors are closed. Keep an eye on your grill whilst motioring the built-in thermometer. Ideal for low & slow cooks.

BBQ oven warming area

Lower level warming oven

We think the grill area is for grilling. The lower warming oven offers the perfect way to store cooked foods or a great way to melt cheese over your gourmet burgers. Ideal for a family lining up for seconds.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill temperature probe entry point

Temperature probe entry point & cover

Closely monitor your grilled foods even with the doors closed by running temperature probes through a sealing vent designed to keep you in control at all times. Up to four probe wires at a time.

adjustable air vents

Adjustable air vents for oven temperature control

Manage your cooking airflow for low and slow or indirect cooking using the adjustable roof vents on top of the Alfresco 140. Hot air draws the smoke up and out under your control.

Four large polished stainless steel work surfaces

Stainless steel surfaces so polished you can admire yourself as you cook – even if no one else does! Large, hygienic and stylish they give plenty of room for side dishes, food preparation and cooking utensils. Two surfaces are removable to allow for compact storage.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill large double door storage

Large double door storage compartment

Keep your garage or cupboards clear. No more hunting for your tools, the large 48 litre built-in storage compartment comes with stainless steel double doors. It’s the perfect place to keep all your BBQ gear in one place.

industrial castor wheels

Heavy duty lockable industrial wheels

BBQ anywhere that takes your fancy. Lockable industrial castors and built in pulling mechanism allows for effortless mobility across any terrain. In fact take your grill for a walk if you like… even when lit!

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill cooking utensils and cloth holders

Built-in cooking utensils & cloth holders

Keep your utensils at arms reach, even when the heat is on. Front, back, left or right, always have them to hand for you and your family BBQ tag team. The Alfresco 140 comes with eight built-in utensil holders & four cloth holders.

charcoal dividers for cooking stations

2 x Adjustable firebox dividers for cooking zone partitioning / ash scoops

Zone cooking couldn’t be easier – manage the amount of direct or indirect heat you require. Our supplied firebox dividers allow for searing stations that simply aren’t achievable by gas. Create up to three cooking bays – searing, grilling, resting. And when it’s done, the dividers double as ash scoops to make cleaning out a cinch.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill pully handle and built in hook

‘Pully’ handle & built-in hook

No more wheels digging holes or leaving your ground like your local pitch and putt. Hook your charcoal BBQ grill with the supplied towing rod to its built-in towing point to gently tow it around. A cool manoeuvring handle on the gable end enables you to harness gusting winds to your advantage or pull your charcoal grill to a better location.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill charcoal loading chute

Charcoal loading chute / spreader

Included in your starter pack is a steel charcoal loading chute that doubles as a charcoal spreader. It acts as a precision guide when using large bags of commercial quality lumpwood charcoal. Keeps work areas clean from charcoal dust & can be used to spread or shape your charcoal within the firebox.

Trailblazer BBQs: used by catering industry professionals all over the world.

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Why this is a revolution in home grilling

Lovingly designed and built in our N Ireland factory, Trailblazer BBQ’s Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal BBQ has been beautifully hand-crafted to make outdoor living pleasurable and fun for the even the most dedicated home cook.

With its large stainless steel grilling area – capable of outputting up to 140 burgers per hour – it makes cooking for large gatherings a breeze. Its unique adjustable height grill and clever heat control system enables you to BBQ like a pro (and never burn a burger again!)

Built in glass viewing windows on Trailblazer’s iconic gull-wing doors with multiple fixing positions features a handy temperature gauge. Ideal for low and slow cooking. Keep a close check your temperature critical grilled meats and longer cooks when the doors are closed using out self sealing temperature probe vent to run probe wires from them to your monitor on the outside.

The Alfresco 140’s built-in lower warming oven / melting compartment is conveniently away from the grilling surface and gives you the flexibility to manage your catering with precision and flair. Keep your cooked food warm while you finish the final items in your spread and even melt delicious cheese over your burgers for that special touch.

Use the four large polished staniless steel work surfaces to prepare and tend your dishes and dressings, rubs, and sauces before, during and after cooking. You can even remove two of them for compact storage with your Alfresco 140.

Never hunt for your BBQ gear again. Keep it all in one handy place with Alfresco 140’s built-in stainless steel double door 25 litre storage compartment.

Designed to be used in all weather conditions, it has lockable heavy-duty industrial castors lets you effortlessly manoeuvre across all kinds of terrain. CoolTouch™️ side panels and handle means you can turn it effortlessly to shelter from the elements whilst never burning your hands or having to wear heatproof gloves.

Eight built-in tool holders keep utensils at arm’s length to keep your cooking easy and efficient. We even included four towel or cloth holders to keep your work surfaces clean and tidy when the heat is on.

When you’re finished, keep all your BBQ gear in one place in the large built-in storage cupboard. And the built-in towing hook and towing rod make it a breeze to pulll your charcoal grill in to any position you require.

Want gas? You might as well turn the oven on.


To celebrate the launch of the Alfresco 140 we are offering a limited time starter pack containing a host of top quality add ons to make sure you are ready to get cooking to your full potential right out of the box.


Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill apron & microfibre cloths

Branded Trailblazer goodie bag

Included in your starter pack is a Trailblazer BBQ apron and keyring to ensure you look the part when you are entertaining family and guests. In addition we have included two microfibre cloths to help you keep your work surfaces clean and tidy.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill ETI thermapen classic

ETI Thermapen Classic probe thermometer & holder

We have included a Thermapen probe, the fastest, most sensitive, and accurate thermometer you will have ever owned (accurate to ±0.4 °C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C)). It will help you to learn things about the cooking process that you could not see using other thermometers. It will display the temperature of food or liquid in just three seconds! It will change the way you cook and prepare food. Includes holder.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill heat resistant BBQ glove and charcoal handling gloves

Heat resistant BBQ & charcoal handling gloves

To make sure your hands stay clean and safe when handling charcoal and cooking over the hot grill we include two sets of gloves. One pair to wear when adding charcoal to the grill that is loose fitting for ease of use. And another single glove with high heat rating to use when grilling to keep your hand protected and safe.

skewer holder for BBQ

Clip on adjustable skewer holders / marshmallow toaster

Fed up with skewered food sticking to your grill? Worry no longer. Our clip on adjustable skewer holders (or marshmallow toaster if you prefer!) simply clips onto the grill to allow for any size of skewer. Its “V” shaped design allows for easy rotation and holding of skewers in place.

Alfresco 140 stainless steel charcoal grill replacement wire & spanner

Spare grill raising wire + 10mm spanner

Once you get used to winding your grill surface up and down to control temperature it’ll quickly become an indespensible feature. You’ll end up doing reaching for the winding handle in your sleep. (Hey, we all dream of eating steak, don’t we?) As users we know the vaule of included spare parts. Have a spare grill raising wire ready when your monster rack of lamb streches your toughened steel wire one time too many.

12kg bag of premium Trailblazer recommended commercial lump wood charcoal

Trailblazer BBQ’s restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal is quite simply revolutionary and outperforms any other restaurant grade lumpwood on the market. Made with 100% eucalyptus wood it lights faster, burns hotter and leaves almost no ash residue making for clean and easy replenishment. Ready to cook in 10 minutes. We even throw in a pair of easy fit charcoal handling gloves to make sure you don’t get your hands dirty.

Available now, buy online

Arrives ready to cook – no assembly required

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Frequently Asked Questions – your burning questions answered.

Your burning questions answered. If there’s anything you would still like to know, please contact us – we always love talking to people interested in joining the Trailblazer family. (They say you can’t choose your family. But our family have chosen us!)

Can I collect my new BBQ grill?2021-06-15T11:32:08+01:00

Absolutely – if you can make it to our HQ in Belfast, Northern Ireland! We love to meet new owners and talk BBQs and perhaps show you around our operation.

What sort of warranty will I get?2021-07-06T09:03:25+01:00

We stand behind every Trailblazer Alfresco 140 completely. If you’re not completely satisfied with your new charcoal grill let us know about it – contact us immediately to resolve the issue by email at [email protected] or calling us on +44 (0)28 9057 9000

This item is covered by our Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Alfresco 140, return it to us for any reason within 30 days.

We warrant each and every Alfresco 140 charcoal grill to be free of manufacturing defects or defective workmanship and, at our discretion, will replace any Alfresco 140 part or unit that is deemed defective. Trailblazer BBQ Ltd doesn’t warrant its products against normal wear or misuse.

If your Alfresco 140 charcoal grill was damaged due to misuse, our customer service team can analyse the damage and may be able to suggest options for you to remedy. If your Alfresco 140 is unable to be repaired after misuse, we may be able to offer a discount against the full retail price on a new one on a case-by-case basis.

You should operate and maintain your Alfresco at all times in accordance with the User Manual.

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for the return to, and subsequent collection of your Alfresco 140 from, Trailblazer BBQ’s Service Department.

Warranty claims are not applicable for countries outside the U.K. and Ireland. All international orders are final.

How do I check the status of my order?2021-07-02T12:59:26+01:00

You can call us any time on +442890579000 or email us at [email protected]. If you ordered your new BBQ grill from our online shop, you can log in and check the status of your order in your account if you set one up at time or purchase.

How large is the Alfresco 140’s cooking area?2021-08-03T16:15:11+01:00

The Alfresco 140 has a 480mm x 760mm grill area and boasts a 140 BPH (burger per hour) engine meaning cooking for large families and social gatherings is a breeze. Just light & Ignite!

The 140 comes with two firebox dividers that allow for the overall cooking area to be divided into individual cooking zones or areas as and when needed. This is ideal for creating searing stations, sectioning the grill for smaller cooks or gearing up for indirect cooking.

Tell me about international shipping.2021-07-02T12:58:07+01:00

We ship globally from our base in Northern Ireland using an experienced international shipper.

Will my Trailblazer operate in windy conditions?2021-08-03T16:02:07+01:00

Unlike most gas alternatives that struggle in windy conditions, a Trailblazer BBQ will thrive in all weather conditions.

Trailblazer’s innovative design allows for double sided cooking so make sure that you stand with the wind to your back so as any light smoker or flare ups blow away from the operator.

If the wind really picks up or becomes irritating, simply close one gull wing door and let it instantly become a wind break, giving shelter to both the grill & chef.

Is It easy to add more charcoal?2021-08-03T15:59:41+01:00

Replenishing the grill with charcoal could not be any easier. The adjustable grill gives instant access to the firebox even when loaded with food.

We recommend using a chimney to pre-light charcoal, once ready simply raise the grill up, set the charcoal chute in position and guide the fresh charcoal into the desired position.

Can I close the gull wing doors after cooking?2021-08-03T15:28:12+01:00

Absolutely! Once you have finished entertaining on the Alfresco and are ready to pack up, simply close the gull wing doors and keep the charcoal enclosed until it is completely extinguished and ready for clean out. Just make sure you don’t close up too early and forget about the s’mores!

Can I move the grill whilst lit?2021-07-02T10:37:10+01:00

Yep! Move with the weather. The Alfresco 140 has CoolTouch panels and handles meaning it can be moved as and when required, even when loaded with lit charcoal.

Is shipping included in the price?2021-07-02T12:57:11+01:00

We offer free shipping to UK & Ireland only at this time and this should be displayed at checkout from our online shop. Everywhere else we try to find the most competitive and fastest shipping method to get your BBQ grill to doorstep as efficiently as possible. The shipping cost you pay will be added at checkout so you can check what pricing we currently have available. If you think it is too high and we might be able to get a better price for you, please call us on tel:+442890579000 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

How do I control temperature on the Alfresco 140?2021-08-03T16:28:04+01:00

Unlike other charcoal grills on the market, the Alfresco 140 gives you the ability to instantly control the cooking temperature. You can instantly go from searing hot to slow cooking at the touch of a hand.

Simply rotate the winding rod clockwise to raise the grill from the cooking area and anticlockwise to lower it closer to the heat source.

How do I clean out the charcoal from my grill?2021-07-02T10:16:06+01:00

The Alfresco grill comes with two charcoal dividers/scoops. This allows for hassle free clean out. Simply pull the scoop through the firebox to gather all residue. Note – if using Trailblazer Charcoal, you will be pleasantly surprised at the lack of ash residue after use. It burns away to virtually nothing!

What do I do if it rains?2021-08-03T15:42:05+01:00

Firstly, thank the heavens that you’re cooking on a Trailblazer and not a gas or electric alternative. Thankfully your Trailblazer will thrive in all weather conditions (especially handy for UK and Ireland’s climate conditions).

If the rain is relatively heavy, you will want to adjust your door stay positioning on the Alfresco doors so as they sit slightly lower and shelter the grill area from rain.

When will I receive my new BBQ grill?2021-07-06T13:21:47+01:00

Your beautiful new BBQ grill will be delivered to your door as quickly as we can arrange it. Delivery in the United Kingdom and Ireland usually takes two to three working days from when it leave us. All orders are processed within 2 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped.

We will call or email you to confirm when it is shipped and when it is due to be with you. In addition our shipping company will endeavour to call you confirm exact time of delivery. International shipping will likely take a bit longer due to customs and freight handling but we will let you know as soon as we have your box booked to go.

How to indirectly cook with the Alfresco?2021-07-02T10:39:01+01:00

For longer cooks where you are wanting to use indirect heat, use the charcoal dividers to section off the firebox, arranging charcoal on each side, leaving the middle area clear to set a water tray / drip tray. Close the doors & use the roof vents to slightly regulate the airflow.

Do you offer a gas alternative?2021-08-03T16:37:10+01:00

Really? Please tell us you’re joking!

Charcoal is our core, gas grilling is something that goes against everything we stand for, so for that reason we do not have any gas alternatives. If you’re used to gas alternatives then please prepare to be blown away by the Trailblazer charcoal grill, you will never look at gas the same way!

Why won’t my grill frame stay at the desired height? My grill frame keeps falling when I wind it up.2021-08-03T15:26:30+01:00

No, your grill is not broken! You were just too excited to get grillin’ you forgot to read the user manual that we provide with every Trailblazer. We don’t blame you though, instructions seem so boring when you have a shiny new Alfresco posing in front of you.

Here’s a short video showing the simple solution to fix your grill from slipping.

What size is the box?2021-07-06T13:34:06+01:00

The box that you get is approximately L 1170mm x H 1300mm x W 970mm and weighs a bit over 70kg in total. It’s a big heavy box, and our shipping company will try to set it exactly where you need it, but you may need someone to help you move it if you change your mind before unboxing.

How long before the Alfresco is ready to cook on?2021-07-02T10:23:41+01:00

This is one we get asked regularly and the answer really depends on the charcoal and lighting methods you are using. Using Trailblazer Charcoal, we are lit and ready to cook on the Alfresco in about 6-10 minutes, this is quicker than what it takes to preheat a gas grill! Impressive right? Don’t worry, we will share our secret with you. Let us know your lighting methods – tag us on social media or use the hashtag #TrailblazerBBQ

What type of charcoal do you recommend using with the Alfresco?2021-07-02T10:34:05+01:00

The Alfresco 140 is a professional quality grill for home use, therefore we strongly recommend using only restaurant grade quality charcoal. Trailblazer Charcoal fits our BBQ range like a glove, and it is readily available 365 days a year. Please don’t be tempted by cheap and nasty alternatives, it will break your heart!

Will my Alfresco 140 rust?2021-08-03T15:54:16+01:00

No, the Alfresco 140 will not rust! The Alfresco 140 BBQ grill has a full stainless-steel interior. The exterior frame is galvanised then powder coated to give full weatherproof protection all year round.

What are the Alfresco 140 dimensions & weights?2021-07-02T09:52:23+01:00

Height: 1225mm
Width: 919mm
Length: 1806mm
Weight: 70kg
Grill Surface: 480mm x 760mm
Warming Compartment Area: 500l x 620w x 180h (55 litres)
Storage Compartment Size: 365l x 450w x 290h (48 litres)

Do I need a cover for my Alfresco 140?2021-07-02T10:07:10+01:00

No cover – no problem! Your Alfresco 140 is built like a car and ultimately requires no cover when sitting outside. We are aware however that many of our customers (both commercial & domestic) care for their Trailblazer BBQs like it’s their child, and for that reason, we will be introducing a cover for the Alfresco in the next while. Subscribe to our newsletter & you will be one of the first to know when we have this available.

How do I clean my Alfresco 140 after use?2021-07-02T09:59:41+01:00

The Alfresco 140 is ridiculously easy to clean and maintain. The full stainless steel interior & doors, along with galvanised then powder coated body, means you can wash it with a hose and soap without having to worry about rust. We have even used quick release clips for attaching the grill mesh to its frame so as it can be taken off for a deep clean.

Trailblazer’s heavy-duty stainless-steel cleaner will make sure your luxurious Alfresco 140 is kept in pristine condition all year round.

How does the adjustable grill work?2021-08-03T15:57:44+01:00

We use a specialist carbon fibre polycarbonate friction block to allow infinite / instant height adjustment of the grill. Simply rotate the winding rod clockwise to raise and anticlockwise to lower. Never burn a burger again and forget about flare ups!

Fighting over the BBQ? Let the family cook. Light and unite… and excite!

Specifications & dimensions

Front dimensions (mm)

Side dimensions (mm)

  • Length (including both side tables): 1,806mm
  • Height (with doors closed): 1,225mm
  • Width (including front and back work surfaces): 919mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Grill surface size: 760mm x 480mm
  • Warming/melting compartment size: L 500mm H 180mm W 620mm (55 litre)
  • Storage compartment size: L 365mm x H 290mm x W 450mm x (48 litre)

User manual

View the Alfresco 140’s user manual

Alfresco 140 User Manual

Click to read online

Lets an amateur grill more like a pro, and a pro’s life a lot more fun!

Available now, buy online

Delivered from direct from the factory

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GAS GRILLS: Unlike gas alternatives, your Trailblazer thrives in all weather conditions. You won’t need to worry about wind blowing a gas flame out or having to keep the BBQ tucked away, hidden from wind & the party. The gull wing door on the Alfresco 140 can be closed on one side to act as a wind block, keeping your cooking area sheltered even on a stormy night. It has even been designed with a heat proof glass window to ensure natural light is not obscured. Just wheel the Alfresco into the open and let it become the centre piece of any social gathering.

Many consumers (both professional and domestic) are under the illusion that gas barbecuing is more convenient than exciting, authentic charcoal grilling. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Using premium lumpwood and correct lighting techniques the Alfresco 140 can be lit and ready to cook on in under 10 minutes. That’s quicker than what it takes to preheat any gas BBQ!

PS: the Alfresco 140 doesn’t have any fancy light up buttons or digital dials to cause trouble at the first sign of water…

OTHER CHARCOAL GRILLS: Another misconception many people have associated with charcoal grilling is the inability to regulate heat. And the majority of the time this is correct.

Unlike other charcoal BBQ brands, one of Trailblazer’s unrivalled features is the adjustable grill heights, offering instant heat control. The ability to instantly regulate heat over a live fire cooking is just one of the many features that sets Trailblazer apart from other charcoal options.

Many kettle BBQs consist of a relatively small grill area making catering for large families a time-consuming hindrance. The Alfresco boasts a 140 burger per hour grill capacity making catering for small gatherings a breeze. Just light & unite. It even has a lower warming oven to keep cooked food warm until it’s time for seconds.

KAMODO GRILLS: Egg-type grills have become very popular over the years and they cook well for what they are designed for. But Kamado grills are made out of porcelain making them very heavy, not very portable and quite fragile.

The Alfresco 140 charcoal grill sits on industrial castor wheels and comes with a pulling hook handle that has been specifically designed to prevent the front wheels from digging in when moving across stony terrain or grass.

The enclosed firebox and fully insulated walls keep the gables cool to touch even when the BBQ is lit. The Alfresco can be moved around the garden during the cooking process which is perfect for following the sun or shade!

PELLET GRILLS: You need power for the mechanical feed system of a pellet grills, and this can jam and breakdown when you least expect it. So you can only grill where there is electricity. Yes, they can produce a better flavour than gas grills, but they can be fiddly and temperamental.

Most cheap gas or charcoal grills are mass produced in China and rust or break over time. Don’t be the person who looks out their back window into your garden only to see a rust bucket propped up on only three of four wheels. Buy right & buy once. Our UK handmade BBQs come with a lifetime warranty. We are confident in our product and we want you to be too.

With a Trailblazer charcoal BBQ there’s no such thing as bad weather.

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