Commercial Charcoal BBQ Trailers

The Trailblazer commercial BBQ range now consists of 7 upgraded models with 11 variations. Ranging from the 120 Alfresco, specifically designed as the ultimate commercial quality, home charcoal BBQ/Grill, right up to the 1200 FESTIVAL comfortably handling very large groups in excess of 1500 people. On top of that we are now offering the COFFEEMASTER range which is a fully autonomous mobile coffee shop!!!

Trailblazer’s unique cooking characteristics:

  • Immense heat, not achievable with gas
  • Huge cooking surface for up to 80 burgers at a time
  • Instantly controllable temperature from searing hot, to slow cooking. Never again will you be fighting off the flames and burning those burgers or waiting all day with a gas BBQ when the wind picks up!
  • All stainless steel on internal surfaces
  • Full galvanised then powder coated exterior
  • Angle adjustment for unlevelled ground
  • Gull wing doors to close off the BBQ, and with the 350 Club, 600s and 1200 Festival provide protection from the weather
  • Adjustable top vent, releasing smoke
  • Easy clean out and disposal of ash

Our story

Invented and founded by Lester Manley. Born in Northern Ireland and privileged to have worked all his life serving clients all over the world, helping them build strong assets in their brands. Bring innovation to the heart of their organisations and leading numerous innovation projects pioneering several world first, world leading products and services.

Trailblazer happened by accident!

While helping out at a church summer youth camp where they were catering for over 200 people.. on a beach.. light dropping and the tide coming in, Lester was challenged to solve the problem just in the same way he rose to any challenge serving his Clients, seeing a real need and setting out to fix it.

As a result, the next summer, for the fun of the challenge and no intention of going beyond the youth camp….. TRAILBLAZER BBQ was born!

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Our Ethos 

We believe in delivering a high performing range of commercial charcoal bbq products with added value, integrity, courteousy and enthusiasm and strive to the best of our ability to run the business with the timeless wisdom of Christian values.

The 3 pillars of TRAILBLAZER that we aspire to are

1 Bless others
We are committed to developing products that really contribute to people’s quality of life, bring people together, and make a difference to those who use them

2 Have fun-
Trailblazer believe that a lot of fun is taken out of business because of pressure of competition, increased legislation, reduced margins, managing people and processes and keeping customers happy. We believe that Trailblazer can bring a lot of fun to the journey which in turn infects your customers

3 Make money-
This is sometimes seen a s a dirty work but, if you don’t make money you won’t be in business. The first 2 pillars are only achievable on a long term basis if the business is sustainable by healthy profits. Trailblazer is committed to developing products that significantly increase this potential.

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