The 600 Open Top BBQ Trailer

All Grill, No Frill

large charcoal bbq trailer

What this unit lacks in height, it most certainly makes up for in earning capability.

The 600 Open Top brings the same power and profiting potential as our heroic Trailblazer 600 Grillmaster but without the additional features such as gull wing doors, warming area, drop-down tables, etc. This really is the definition of ‘all grill, no frill, making it the ultimate outdoor catering solution for businesses who may not need the weather protection offered by Trailblazer’s gull-wing doors.

This BBQ trailer has a 600 burger-per-hour output across three charcoal grilling bays. The fully adjustable height grill offers infinite temperature control and has a rear-enclosed storage compartment.

The Open Top BBQ Grill will also be available in mobile versions across both the 600 and 350 models.

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Made For Hassle Free Commerical Catering

Hassle-Free Commerical Catering

adjustable grill. Trailblazer grill gives instant heat control through raise and lower grill

Large Charcoal BBQ Grill

The 600 Open Top offers an incredible 600 BPH (burgers per hour) charcoal BBQ grill, giving the ability to cater for large numbers.

Commercial charcoal BBQ grill with storage area

Enclosed Storage Compartment

The enclosed storage area is perfect for storing condiments & utensils whilst traveling to and from events. The stainless steel lid can be used as a work surface when closed.

High Quality Builds

Designed and built in the UK. The main body has been made using galzanised, then powder coated steel. The interior and side wings are made from highly polished stainless steel and the firebox is manufactured using thick reinforced steel.

Fully integrared trailer

Fully Integrated Trailer

The 600 Open Top is equipped with integrated towing lights and quick-release number plate holders. Each and every Trailblazer BBQ trailer comes with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certification

large charcoal bbq grill firebox

Segmented Firebox

The fire bed has been divided into three segments to allow for different cooking zones and efficiencies. Certain events may require the use of only one section however larger-scale events may require all three segments to be in use.

Commercial BBQ on wheel, towable BBQ trailer

Compact, Mobile Trailer

The 600 Open Top is trailer based and comes with sealed for life 10 inch wheels. This BBQ trailer weighs approx. 200kg meaning it can be effortlessly hand-balled into locations if required.

Our customers love us

And we love them right back!

“The best insulation on a smoker I have ever worked with. I shut the cooker down after 12 hours and it still had jus under half the charcoal left! Efficient, consistent, and easy to use. The Trailblazer guys have a real winner on their hands here!”
Michael Duffy, Smokin Yankees BBQ Belfast

“Two weeks and the 600 Streetmaster has more than paid for itself. I now have 27 jobs booked in. Absolutely blown away and ridiculously easy to use.”
Russell Price, Café2U Belast

“The guys at Trailblazer have been super building the smoker onto the back of the 600 Streetmaster… it’s been a great learning curve for all of us with the end result turning out to be a great piece of kit. The BBQ smoker is super-efficient – she can hold good smoking temperature for sustained periods of time on a small amount of coal… The team at Saucy Pig BBQ would definitely recommend and our customers will tell you the taste speaks for itself… good luck and thanks Lester & Lex.”
Barry Close, Saucy Pig BBQ


While you are here, why not have a read through our other customer success stories and learn how other traders are profiting with Trailblazer BBQ throughout the UK street food and outside catering industry!

mobile catering success story, Mobile BBQ catering set up

From Cafe owner to Mobile Catering

  • Start of as a cafe owner however soon realised the money was in outside catering and wedding BBQs
  • Started with a 600S Grillmaster in 2015
  • Now owns 3 Trailblazer BBQs
  • Starting of small, Mark focused on PTAs and school parties. Now he is only targeting corporate functions and weddings
Street Food BQ, BBQ street food set up

New Street Food Trends Need New Innovation

  • Feast use their 600S Grillmaster for street food trading across London
  • Increased profits of to 40% since using the Trailblazer BBQ trailer
  • Produce tastes nicer since switching to the Trailblazer towable BBQ
  • Increased productivity allows Feast to work more efficiently and spend more time with family
Commercial BBQ Success Story

Flaming Jacks ready for Trailblazer no.2

  • A mobile BBQ caterer targeting private parties and small events
  • Just one year on with Trailblazer BBQ and Jack is ready for machine No.2
  • No limitations as to where he can and cannot caterer due to Trailblazer’s self sufficiency
  • Believes Trailblazer to be an essential factor to his business’ survival and growth

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