Trailblazer has proven to be a huge hit throughout many different industries and sectors. Trailblazer BBQ will prove to become a huge asset to your catering business, allowing you to enjoy many benefits, both financially and quality of life.

Here are just four key reasons as to why your business needs a Trailblazer BBQ in 2019!


“If everything I bought paid me as well as my Trailblazer BBQ/Grill I would be a millionaire! There’s not a day when we don’t get a customer compliment from the machine.”

Pat Brady – The Kitchen Letterkenny

Extend your outdoor catering season to all year round, stand out from competition and reach cooking capabilities of up to 1,200BPH! (burgers per hour)

Food trailer BBQ
Trailblazer food trailer system

Quality of Life

Earn more and work less with Trailblazer! Run a more profitable business whilst freeing some time to spend on the important things in life.

“It’s been nearly a year with the Trailblazer & we have seen an increase in turnover of between 30-40% since using the TB.

This has allowed us to trade more efficiently through the week and crucially given us time off at weekends to spend with our family, which was not possible before the Trailblazer. We have also seen a bigger increase in turnover during the winter months with our TB acting as a big crowd drawer when the weather was cold. So a huge thank you to you and your team, were looking forward to a productive spring/summer with the TB and some quality time with our families.”

Leigh White – Feast

Business Growth

Enter markets that weren’t possible before, diversify product or service offerings to broaden your audience and let Trailblazer become your own free, mobile marketing billboard!

Branded BBQ Grill

Butcher BBQ/Grill

bbq trailer, trailblazer bbq

“Last years success with Trailblazer BBQ has persuaded me to invest in the 1200 Festival to help manage double bookings.”

Mark Stone – Foodie Folk

“Over the summer of 2018 the demand for our mobile catering services grew rapidly. Starting to target larger party sizes we started to think about upsizing our Trailblazer 120 Mini. We had the pleasure of hiring a Trailblazer 600s Grillmaster for an event we were catering at. It cut our time onsite in half and the output capabilities were next to none.

After this experience and the positive feedback that we received from the guests, we made the decision to purchase our own 600s Grillmaster.” 

Jack Delaney – The Flaming Cook

Wedding BBQ/Grill

Fun & Ease of Use

Enjoy what you do!

Trailblazer’s unique features such as, ash scraper blade and collection box, gull wing doors and adjustable cooking heights/instant heat control have made charcoal grilling to perfection more achievable and enjoyable than ever before. Utilize Trailblazers flexible cooking capabilities and get adventurous with your menu offerings at any place, any time!

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Unique key features include

  • Adjustable grill giving instant heat control
  • Huge cooking area
  • Ability to cook from both sides allowing for multiple chefs
  • Fully self-sufficient
  • Ash scraper blade and ash box for hassle free removal
  • Gull wing doors offering shelter from weather conditions
  • Stainless steel interior with galvanised and powder coated exterior giving years of hassle free heavy commercial use.
  • Full European Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Charcoal BBQ, Charcoal Grill

Trailblazer 1200 Festival Commercial BBQ/Grill

There is a Trailblazer to suit every need from the home BBQ/Grill enthusiast, butcher right up to festival caterer. Contact us today to learn how Trailblazer could significantly grow your business throughout 2018!

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